Did you ever wonder what is like to be an actress? No, not a Hollywood movie star, just one of the remaining 90% of the players... Here, you're gonna find the answer! Welcome to my life, Umberta, actress not (yet) a star!


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6 things that made me happy last week

- To be call back for a very important project and to meet with a very talented director! I won't say his name for good luck, I'm just saying he's an Oscar winner!!!

- To have dinner at home with some friends - honestly I like to prepare a nice dinner at home rather than always go to the restaurant, don't you?

- To finish and to send our wedding invitations. We had some diy to do and it took us the whole week-end, but on Sunday evening we very really happy with the result and it was really nice to actually hand-made something together with my future hubby! ;)

- To have time during my audition day in Rome, to see my sister and nephews.

- To have my boyfriend picking me up at the airport!

- To go the doctor to check on my knees that cause me huge pain and knowing that it's nothing serious, no operation is needed (on the other side there's nothing much that I can do for the pain, but at least I can keep on dancing!)


8 things that made me happy this week

- To find a good (and not overmuch expensive) photographer for our wedding :)

- To spend the whole Sunday at the Church for our premarital course with other couples and discover that it was really, really, really interesting and all the people were super nice! Plus our Church has a beautiful garden and the day was super sunny so we could did part of the course outside :)

- My boyfriend who's now impatient to spend the second (and last) Sunday at the Church for the premarital course!

- To have lunch outside in the sun with my girlfriends without wearing a coat!

- The sun who begins being warm...

- To take a good dance class, like I was used to take before, and not feeling pain in my knees!!

- A romantic dinner with my love on Friday night, just the 2 of us... He's working a lot lately so I have the impression of not seeing him for days sometime even though we live together...

- To meet with some girls from the premarital course for some coffee and brides to be small talk ;) 


Potatoes cheesecake

Here's a quick, easy and, most important, super yummy recipe for all cheese lovers! And for all of you who want to your beloved one - my boyfriend was over then happy with this cake the other night... So if you wanna win a man's heart through is stomach, here's a good option (and you will be able to make it even if you're not that terrific cook, but shhh it's a secret! ;p ).

What you need :

- 7/8 potatoes
- 1 egg
- 250 g ricotta cheese
- 125 g mozzarella
- 2 slices of ham
- grated parmesan
- pepper (if you like it)

Wash the potatoes and put them in a pot with cold water and let them cook for about 30/40 minutes (the exact time depends from the potatoes' size), until they're tender. 
Don't put salt in the water as it makes the potatoes broken.

Once the potatoes are cooked, take them off of water and let them cool up.

Peel the potatoes and mash them with a fork.

Take a baking dish, cover it with baking paper and put the mashed potatoes in it.

With a spoon, spread evenly the potatoes in the dish, leaving the borders higher than the center.

In a plate, mix the ricotta cheese with the egg.

You can add pepper too, if you like it.

Add the mozzarella and the ham, to the mixture, after having chopped them in small pieces.

Put the cheese mix over the potatoes base.

Cover with parmesan.

Put in the oven at 200° for about 40 minutes. 
When the cake is grilled on top you can take it out.
Doesn't it look good?!

Now all you have to do is just cut a slice of you perfect cheesecake and savor it!

For a complete meal, you can pair the cake with some fresh salad.
Bon appétit! :)


Les oiseaux se cachent pour mourir

We've got a very sweet old lady as a neighbor. From time to time, I have a little afternoon chat with her, she's a very interesting lady, she tells me about life during war time or about her many travels, she's been like everywhere in the world!
And one of these afternoons, she lent me a book as she thought I would have liked it. And she was right! ;)
The book is "The thorn birds" from the Australian writer Colleen McCullough. I read it in French, the title is "Les oiseaux se cachent pour mourir".
It's exactly the kind of book that I like: the destiny of a family over several generations, with love, drama and action. 
It's the story of an Australian family and an Irish priest. And I won't say more. Guys, you really have to read it! I never heard of this book before, but apparently it's well known, they also made a tv show from it... So maybe you already read it...
It's a very beautiful story and as it continues over several years you have the time to really get attached to the characters, to choose who you prefer and who you can't stand and you can't wait to take back the reading where you left it to meet with them again and to know what's happening in their lives. It's like when you watch a tv serie.
Plus, the story take place in Australia and as I'm right now planning our honeymoon in this country I was really feeling there with them. 
And now that I finished it I'm kinda sad... I miss Meggie (my favorite character) and I would like to spend time with her again...
Let me know what do you think about it if you're gonna read it or if you already have! ;)


10 things that made me happy this week

- To show the monologue I prepared for an audition to my boyfriend and heard him say that I wowed him :)

- To have an audition for a very, very, very important project!

- My hair who finally seem to grow!

- My sister who came to Paris on Thursday to come with us to buy our wedding rings (the wedding rings are her gift to us).

- To find the perfect wedding rings <3

- To take my sister out for lunch to thank her and share a huge seafood plate with her and Mick.

- To see that my sister is truly happy about our engagement.

- To find a solution to print our wedding announcement cards. Honestly it can seem easy but it's not! We bought some handmade Italian paper but no one in Paris knows how to print on it. Except for a guy whose price was 400 €!!!! We eventually gave the paper to a friend who was going to Italy and she's gonna have the wedding announcements print in her town and then she's gonna take them back to Paris..

- To have such a good friend!

- To spend the weekend in Grenoble with all the family.



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