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Rome and the family

Hello blog!
I was a bit busy lately, with the rehearsals and the wedding (I found my dress!!!), and therefore a bit absent form here... But I like to write when I have time, I know bloggers usually plan and prepare their posts in advance, but it seems quite impersonal to me... Maybe I'll change ,y mind later..
Anyway, now I have some time plus so many things to tell and pictures to show from last summer and obviously China as well!
And some summery pictures will be perfect to cheer those grey and rainy days up!
Starting with a weekend we spent in Rome with my family and Mick's one all together. That was really nice. Usually people introduce their families after they're engaged, but we deed it before ;) Also during this week-end, everyone was expecting us to announce our engagement, but it wasn't done yet ;)
So anyway, end of September we all flew to Rome on a Friday evening.
On Saturday we visited the city. As we didn't have much time we took one of those hop in and out tourists bus. I never took one before, it was a bit pricey, but I must say it was really useful, as we avoid to walk too much for nothing and we could visit many places without being too tired.

So now, this is a happy chap!! ;)

Saturday evening happy with all the visiting of the day, we had a nice dinner. My dad got some thank-you-presents for having everyone in Rome. And he was touched as always ;)

On Sunday, my aunt, sister as well as all my girlfriends came over to my dad's. He now lives a bit outside the city center and we enjoyed the sunny day in the garden chatting, sunbathing, playing ball and singing. It was so nice to have everyone together. 
And it was really sweet to see Mick's family play with my niece and my nephew, even though they cannot properly talk because of the language... <3
It was such a perfect day!

On Monday morning I went to see my agent, while my father was playing the tourist guide for the Frenchy ;)
I met the new agent who's now taking care of me, the other having quit the agency... Hope this new agent will be more efficient... She asked for new pictures, which I did. So now we'll see.
And then as all the nice things, even this week-end got to its end and it was yet time to fly back. But not before having enjoyed a last, and the most beautiful one, in my opinion, view of the city. And for that we went on the Gianicolo hill. 
What do you think? Isn't it a nice view? :)

So this nice guy was playing music, and I couldn't help but dancing while my dad started singing... Did I already mention we're kinda weird?! ;))


After dark

After the dark shooting I told you the other day, we decided to take some more pictures, for no particular reason, just for fun.
I really have fun in front of the camera actually ;)
Here's the result. Photos are a little dark anyway, as we kept the same staging of the dark shooting...

Après la séance photos dark, dont je vous ai parlé l'autre jour, nous avons décidé de prendre quelques autres photos, sans raison particulière, juste pour le plaisir. 
Je m'amuse vraiment face caméra, en fait;) 
Voici le résultat. Les photos sont un peu sombre quand même, car nous avions gardé la même mise en scène du shooting dark... 



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