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Grenoble & the family

This week seems just endless... And it's only Wednesday! Helpppp!! ;))
It's funny how when you don't do anything special in the week-end the week after seems super long whereas just 2 days outside of Paris can feel like a one week holiday and are enough to completely disconnect from everyday life...
The other week-end we went really quick (but really quick: we left on Saturday morning
and went back on Sunday evening) to Grenoble for Mick's dad's birthday and Monday morning while going to the office I was really disconnected like if I was away for several days :)
That is absolutely not what is happening this week lol!
Anyway, it was a nice weekend. On Saturday we went shopping (found 2 really nice tops I'll show you in the next post) and in the evening we went to the Luna park :))
This is us on the roller coaster !

And on Sunday there was this big surprise birthday lunch for Mick's dad.
I had the chance to meet all the rest of the family I didn't meet yet. It was really nice. :)
I don't have many pics from the week-end to show you, but last month we went to Grenoble with my dad as well, as he was never been there plus Mick's grandparents are Italian so we wanted them to meet my dad. 
So here some photos from last weekend to show you a little bit around and take a quick mid-week break ;p

The cableway that goes up to la Bastille (the ancient fortification) and the view of the city from up there.

Apparently this is the longer straight line street in Europe!

We also visited the place where the monks produce the Chartreuse, a very strong liquor made with plants (the exact recipe is a well kept secret). It was an interesting and fun visit, but pictures were forbidden, and at the end they offer you a glass of Chartreuse of course. ;)

Family time - That was the reason we organised a week-end in Grenoble with my dad in the first place ;)

And we took some nice walk in the countryside - countryside around Grenoble is really nice and really close to the city centre - and well, we needed at least those walks after all the family meals we had!! ;))


Broccoli & chickpeas

Here's a healthy and yummy recipe based on broccoli.
Yeah, I hear you saying that broccoli isn't exactly the first thing you'd think about when thinking about a yummy food... This is because you don't cook it my way! Just give this recipe a try and you'll see ;)

What you need for 4 persons :

- 2 or 3 broccoli
- 400 g of chickpeas 
- 2 handfuls of yellow raisin 
- olive oil
- pepper

Cut the broccoli in pieces. 
Remember that you can eat also the stem. Just cut off the outer part of it and keep only the center (see the difference between the following two pictures). It's really tasty, I prefer it at the broccoli florets..

Put the broccoli in a casserole with water and let cook for about 20 minutes, until they're tender (just tender not completely undone).

Put the cooked broccoli in an oven plate.

Add the chickpeas.

Add the raisins.

Add oil and pepper and mix everything so that the oil is well distributed.

Put in the oven for about 30 minutes.  
When the broccoli and the raisin start to grill, it's time to stop the cooking.

Now you just have to enjoy your meal! :)

You can eat it as a main plate (it's a complete meal, the chickpeas gives you proteins) or as a side dish to accompany meat or fish.

Bon appétit! 



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