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Les Granges d'Haillancourt

les granges d'haillancourt

Last week-end we went on a romantic gateway in the countryside. :) We went to this tiny, charming hotel called Les Granges d'Haillancourt, just near Paris. And I must say the most I visit places around Paris the most I'm amazed at how beautiful the nature and the little villages are. There are more and more places that I want to visit nearby, and that's just perfect as summer is (supposedly) coming so I can plan plenty of Sunday getaways! I don't know why people don't like Paris, one should be a bit curious and explore the Ile de France, there's really a lot to see, even if one doesn't have a car... Anyway back to last week-end. I found this small hotel on a travel website and it looked really nice so I decided to give it a try and offered a lovely week-end to my love for his birthday.
Actually the beginning of the week-end was kinda of gloomy as we headed to Beauvais to visit the Cathedral but it was closed (but Beauvais is a really nice village! Houses are lovely and there are plenty of restaurants and shops. There is even Galeries Lafayette! I wasn't expecting that, as the only thing I knew in Beauvais was the horrible airport, so I was a bit biased...) and we ended up eating our picnic in the car as the weather was really bad...
But after that, everything else went perfectly well!
At the beginning of the afternoon we went horse-riding, it was too good! Meet our horses Noemi and Amona. 

We had so much fun!

After that we went to our hotel and spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the swimming pool, jacuzzi and hammam.

les granges d'haillancourt

^He can't help but check his work email even on week-end!! 

Les Granges d'Haillancourt is a beautiful mansion in a tiny village, with only 7 big rooms all decorated in different colors. There's a big garden where you can sit, relax and sunbathe (if there's the sun *grumpy emoticon here*) and there's a covered swimming pool, Jacuzzi and hammam open 24 hours. That's a big bonus. Plus breakfast is very good and generous. The place is a really little gem for a week-end not to far.

There's no restaurant in the evening though, so we went nearby to "Le clos des vignes".

The place is super nice and romantic. Actually is another little hotel, with garden and swimming pool as well, plus there's is a little restaurant under glass roof. Look how nice is it.

Le clos des vignes

Le clos des vignes

Unfortunately the meal wasn't that good, it wasn't bad neither, but still. My main dish was really too salty and the dessert was clearly from a notorious supermarket of frozen food... But at least food was nicely presented..

And the place was really nice and the wine we had very, very good so all in all we had a very good evening.

On Sunday, after an enormous breakfast (I literally tried everything sweet and everything salty...), we went to a village nearby as we heard there was a garage sale. Mick was super excited as he found this old, rusty table he can turn into a new, beautiful table for the living room...
( 2 weeks later update : the table is in the cellar and he didn't touch it once... ;p )

After that we went to another little village with a big lake, L'Isle Adam, and we wandered around. 

This is when I asked my boyfriend to take a pic of me on the bridge... Honestly one can hardly see me! But the bridge is veeeeryyyy visible! ;))

We went back to the garage sale as we wanted to have lunch there: we saw earlier in the morning they were cooking sausages on a big bbq ;)
And they also had mouthwatering cakes... Honestly, why going to fancy restaurants? ;)

Full and happy, we headed again to Beauvais and this time we could visit the huge Cathedral (that it's actually more impressive from the outside than the inside) before going back home.

Beauvais Cathedrale

Beauvais Cathedrale

Beauvais Cathedrale

Beauvais Cathedrale

Beauvais Cathédrale Horloge

Beauvais Cathédrale



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