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To sleep or not to sleep on silk pillowcase

beauty benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase
It’s been some time now that I’ve been hearing about the beauty & anti-ageing benefits of silk pillowcases.

I was curious to try, but the high price of silk pillowcases combined with my being skeptical about the real results I could expect, always stopped me.

From time to time I kept searching Google though to check new companies selling silk pillowcases & feedbacks.

Eventually, a couple of weeks ago, I ordered 2 silk pillowcases from Lilysilk
I chose this company as they had good feedbacks, an interesting & complete FAQ & seemed reliable.
(It’s not the cheaper seller you can find, but I was not looking for the lowest price, I was looking for the lowest price combined with good quality silk & Lilysilk seemed a good choice).

First good surprise, delivery was really fast & the pillowcase arrived in a cute box.

beauty benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase

When I opened it, I was amazed by the softness of the fabric & the exquisiteness of the shade of pink (I obviously ordered pink pillowcases!). Honestly, I was not expecting such beautiful items.

Lilysilk silk pillowcase

Finally the night came & we could get to bed & rest our heads on our beautiful pillowcases.

No need to say, hubby didn’t acknowledge a word of my babbling about the beauty & anti-ageing benefits of silk.
But as soon as he put his head on the pillow, he was conquered by the delicate fabric & decided he won’t sleep on cotton pillowcase anymore.
Actually he now would like to sleep on silk sheets too, but given the price we’ll wait until Christmas! ;)

It’s true that I too can feel a huge difference between my head resting on silk & my body laying on cotton. Cotton now feels so harsh against my skin…

And now the truth about the beauty & anti-ageing promises:
  • Silk is a hypoallergenic fabric, very gentle against skin : I don’t know about allergies, but it’s definitely true that silk is a really soft fabric & very pleasant on the skin.
  • You won’t wake up in the morning with pillow marks on your face thus preventing wrinkles : Indeed I have no pillow marks on my face when I wake up so I guess this is actually good for the skin thus helping to delay the appearance of wrinkles.
  • The fabric being less aggressive on the hair, they break less => I don’t have any hair problem, but every day I was used to find lots of hubby’s hair on the pillow (sorry love for saying this out loud ;p) but since we’re sleeping on silk pillowcase there are no more hair. Not-a-single-one!! Meaning that silk really is gentle on the head and hubby’s not losing hair while sleeping anymore!!
  • Silk doesn’t absorb creams, leaving your night cream on your face thus allowing your skin to benefit from all the ingredients all night long : To test this last point, I touched my face in the morning before changing pillowcase and I touched my face after & I must say that my skin feels “moister” & better hydrated since I’m sleeping on silk pillowcase, so I feel confident to say that even this last point is a true beauty benefit! :)
I'm definitely conquered by sleeping on silk pillowcase & ordering more pillowcases in additional colors! The softness of the fabric on the skin would be enough, but in addition to that it's also a beauty remedy! :)

sleeping dog

The only negative point is the the fabric being so delicate, I'm hand-washing the pillowcases as I'm afraid of putting them in the machine, even though there's a silk program...

What about you? Have you already slept on silk pillowcase? What do you think?


Sunset & love in Positano

Positano, panorama, Amalfi Coast

This summer the weather is being super weird... Not only in Paris, where the summer weather eventually arrived only 2 weeks ago, but in Italy as well. Even though in Italy the weather was still hot, there have been many rainy & stormy days.

I go to Positano every year since my childhood & I can't recall another summer with an equal bad weather like this one (I'm so glad we got married last summer!!)... While rain & cold can be quite annoying when you wanna go out & enjoy the sea (luckily we also had sunny days to be fair) the cloudy weather resulted in some of the most beautiful sunsets I saw in the area.

Positano, sunset over Li Galli islands

The stormy clouds, the pink sky & the blue sea are a great combo! :)

Sunset in Positano, Amalfi Coast

Positano sunset

Another incredible thing that happened this summer is that one night hubby & I were ready to go out for dinner in advance & for once we could take a couple of pictures of us all dressed-up in front of one of those sunsets (honestly, I don't know you, but we never have pics of us when we're nice dressed etc as we're always late ;p). So I particularly enjoy the following photos <3 <3

Positano love

Positano couple

Positano lovers

<3 <3


Maria Grazia, Nerano

Maria Grazia Nerano

Today I'm gonna reveal you one of the worst kept secret of the Amalfi coast... On a lively & colorful beach, there's an always full restaurant, serving the best spaghetti with zucchini in the world.

The beach in Nerano, Amalfi coast

I'm obviously talking about Maria Grazia on Nerano beach.

Restaurant Maria Grazia, Nerano, Amalfi coast

The recipe is secret &, despite the many tries, no one can make spaghetti with zucchini in the same way.

Spaghetti with zucchini from Maria Grazia in Nerano

What I can tell you is that even though it seems to be eggs in the sauce, there are not. The creamy, tasty, thick sauce is made by a secret mix of different cheeses.

Book in advance, ask for a table on the front raw overlooking the beach (not only you'll have a better view, but it's also cooler) & prepare yourself to enjoy one of the best meals of your life.

As it'll also be one of the heaviest meal of your life, may i suggest you'll have some swimming, snorkeling & diving before ;)

That's exactly what we did btw :)

We raised the anchor in the morning

boat tour in Positano

leaving Positano behind us 

Positano, Amalfi coast, Italy

& sailing toward the horizon.

Boat tour in the Amalfi coast, Italy

Exploring the coast on our way to Nerano.

Boat tour in the Amalfi coast, Italy

Boat tour of the Amalfi coast, Italy

Boat tour Positano

isola della balena positano

Swimming & jumping in the beautiful water...

Sailing the Amalfi coast in Italy

Sailing the Amalfi coast in Italy

We eventually arrived in Nerano just in time for lunch.

Nerano, Amalfi coast

Maria Grazia, Nerano

Just anchor your boat in front of the beach, & the restaurant boat will comme to pick you up.

Maria Grazia restaurant, Nerano

Dress from L'Antica Sartoria Positano

My beach dress is from L'Antica Sartoria, a very well known boutique in Positano. They actually have several boutiques in Positano plus others in the nearby towns like Amalfi, Capri...

If you're in the area is a perfect spot to treat yourself with a local, fashion souvenir ;)

They have very nice beach dresses, cover-ups & bikinis. Prices can seem high sometimes, but the always have a couple of stands with super-discounted items at the entrance of the store ;))

Dress from L'Antica Sartoria Positano

We took our seats in the cool shadow, enjoying the view of a typical Italian beach,

The beach in Nerano, Italy

& sipped on white wine with peaches, a local specialty, while waiting for our main course to arrive.

Wine with peaches at Maria Grazia restaurant in Nerano

Wine with peaches at Maria Grazia restaurant in Nerano

Cheers! :)

Wine with peaches at Maria Grazia restaurant in Nerano

& here they are, the famous spaghetti con le zucchine di Maria Grazia!

Spaghetti with zucchini from Maria Grazia restaurant in Nerano

& the money shot :)

Spaghetti with zucchini from Maria Grazia restaurant in Nerano

Maria Grazia Nerano Gif

They also have very yummy mixed appetizers (mozzarella, fried vegetables, potato croquettes, eggplant balls...), but I suggest to take them after the main course instead of before, so that you'll still be able to enjoy the spaghetti with zucchini, it would be to heavy otherwise ;)

Happy & relaxed we took the sea again to come back home :)

Maria Grazia Nerano


Franco's Bar Positano

Positano, Amalfi coast, Italy

Since last summer, there's a new, charming, tiny bar in Positano: Franco's.

Just next the well-known hotel Le Sirenuse & owned by the same family (the current owner Antonio Sersale opened the bar & named it after his beloved father) Franco's occupy a small terrace (a former parking lot) overlooking the sea.

Franco's bar Positano

No need to say, the view is spectacular...

View of Positano from Franco's bar

View of Positano from Franco's bar

The decoration reminds of the colors of the Amalfi coast, the blue of the Mediterranean sea, the yellow of the local lemons...

Franco's bar Positano

Franco's bar Positano

Everything is simple & elegant from the decoration to the menu: Franco's is the only bar in Positano that doesn't offer food, but a good list of cocktails & just some nibbles (olive, salted almonds & homemade potato chips).

Spritz and some nibbles at Franco's bar in Positano

& btw, why would you need food when you can have prosecco & Positano at your feet?

Prosecco at Franco's bar in Positano

Prosecco at Franco's bar in Positano

As the sun sets down & the music & chatting from the guests gets louder, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere & sip on all the surrounding beauty <3

View of Positano from Franco's bar

Franco's bar Positano

Sunset view of Positano from Franco's bar

If you're in the area, I really suggest a visit. Just try to go there as early as you can (Franco's open at 6pm) as the place is tiny &, believe me, you want one of the tables in the front row to fully enjoy the show <3

Positano panorama from Franco's bar

Franco's bar Positano

Find Franco's bar here.

& once you leave, either to go out for dinner or to come back home, while walking the streets, continue to enjoy the beautiful view of Positano at night... Isn't this place magical? :)

Positano panorama at night



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