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Insalata di riso

Summer is here!! The weather is super hot, everyone is complaining because of the heat, but I am super happy! I like the heat, I like when in the morning I just have to slip into a little dress and I'm ready to go, I like not to have to dry my hairs after the swimming pool, I also like to take a walk at 3ish pm, you know when you walk down the streets and the concrete sends back the heat (I know I'm kinda weird)... But what I don't like is to cook. So I have to keep it simple and fresh.
And that's when it comes the insalata di riso !
My mum used to make it when I was a child and I remember coming back to school and be very happy when opening the fridge I found the black and white big bowl I knew would contain insalata di riso.
The problem with rice salads is that usually people - or restaurants - put so many things in it, it becomes a rice nonsense...
What I like to put in it, is just a lots of tomatoes (but real, good tomatoes please!), tuna and hard-boiled eggs.

Here what you'll need for a big bowl - you can serve around 6 people or just like me, make a bigger quantity and then keep it in the fridge for the following days (4/5 days in the fridge it's ok).

- 500 g rice
- 5 (more or less depending on their size) beautiful tomatoes
- 3 cans of tunas
- 4 eggs
- Olive oil
- Balsamic vinegar
- Pepper

Cook the rice and keep it a little firm, like if it's written to cook it for 10 minutes, cook it just for 9.
In the same time boil the eggs - 10 minutes and not one more for perfectly hard-boiled eggs! - and cut the tomatoes.

Put the tomatoes in a nice salad bowl, add the rice once it's cooked and the tuna (smash the tuna with a fork before adding it). Season with olive oil (be generous with the olive oil it will prevent the rice to become sticky), balsamic vinegar and pepper.

Once the eggs are done, cut them in small pieces and add to the rice salad.

Mix everything and put in the fridge to cool down.

Enjoy your insalata di riso! :)



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