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Welcome to Biarritz

Côte des Basques, Biarritz

For our first wedding anniversary, we went to Biarritz for a weekend of surf, sea & love :)

I've wanted to go to Biarritz since so long & I've not been disappointed, I loved it so much, I thought it looked like a little Sydney ;)

We arrived late morning & after having left our luggage at our new home for the weekend, Villa Sanchis a bed & breakfast set in a beautiful house, run by a French-Swedish family.

Villa Sanchis bed & breakfast, Biarritz

we headed straight to the Côte des Basques beach in search of waves & lunch.

Let me tell you, the view from above the Côte des Basques beach is something...

Côte des Basques, Biarritz

Côte des Basques, Biarritz

Côte des Basques, Biarritz

Côte des Basques, Biarritz

For the waves we didn't have so much luck as Biarritz is best to be surfed at high tide & we were told to wait until the next morning for surfing.

Honestly, this whole thing about tides is quite annoying if you ask me...

On the other hand for lunch, we've been luckier.

There was a music festival, Les Casetas, on the Côte des Basques beach & several food & drink stands were lined up in front of the ocean.

We sat in front of the beautiful view, sipping on some sangria, while waiting for our main dishes to arrive.

Côte des Basques, Biarritz

Unfortunately, before we could start eating, a heavy rain came.

We run inside the stand & had lunch there, a lot less nice than sitting in front of the ocean. So you will excuse-me if I forgot to take any pics of the nevertheless very good burger & skewers we shared ;)

On the good side, after lunch, the rain slowed down & we could have a walk to Biarritz main beach.

We passed several little coves - that's where I've been remembered of the walk from Bondi to Coogee in Sydney *sad emoticon here - as I want to go back to Australia so badly!!*.

Biarritz, France

Biarritz, France

Biarritz, France

We admired the well known Rocher de la Vierge

Rocher de la Vierge, Biarritz

Rocher de la Vierge, Biarritz

Rocher de la Vierge, Biarritz

& we continued our walk

Biarritz, France

passing the port & the beautiful Sainte Eugenie church, where a couple was getting married <3

Port of Biarritz, France

Sainte Eugenie church, Biarritz

until the main beach

Main beach in Biarritz

which we thought was much nicer than the Côte des Basques beach. We went to the surf shop & talked with the girl there, that was also nicer than the guy from the other surf shop & we decided to go there surfing the next morning :)

Happy to have solved our surfing situation, we came back to the hotel to change ourselves before dinner.

Being so close to Spain, I searched my best friend Google for the best place to eat tapas & Goole suggested Puig & Daro.

Strolling the nice streets of the town center

Biarritz city center

Beautiful house in Biarritz

Biarritz city center

we arrived at this cute tapas place

Puig & Daro, tapas restaurant in Biarritz, France

Puig & Daro was a real good pick! Yet all the waiters were super kind, there were so many tapas, I don't even know how I've been able to choose, they have very good wines - & sangria of course - & they also have sweet tapas for dessert!

Puig & Daro, tapas restaurant in Biarritz, France

Puig & Daro, tapas restaurant in Biarritz, France

Puig & Daro, tapas restaurant in Biarritz, France

You can choose among the all mouthwatering tapas they have & compose your own tapas plate or order a pre-made selection.

Cheers! :)

Puig & Daro, tapas restaurant in Biarritz, France

It was actually quite cold at night, so as soon as a table inside become available, we switched from the terrace to the inside.

Puig & Daro, tapas restaurant in Biarritz, France

The only bad thing about this place is that inside there's a terrible light for pictures. Really. Terrible. 
So now you know why my tapas pictures are ugly... But they were so yummy that I still have to show you ;)

Green chili peppers - my favorite! - & cheese croquettes

green chili peppers and cheese croquettes

Mixed toasts & verrines 

tartines and verrines

& the local specialty: small squids

small squids a local food in Biarritz

 Of course, we couldn't not to taste the sweet tapas! It was the first time I saw sweet tapas ;)

Sweet tapas for dessert

If you are in Biarritz or around, you should really go to Puig & Daro one night!

& btw, I have other places to tell you about in Biarritz & surroundings, more to come in the next posts! :)



Sunset in Essaouira

I've heard a lot of things about Essaouira before going there: the white city - because of the white wall surrounding it, the windy city - well, because of the strong winds... I've heard about the blue fishing boats & the seagulls... But I've heard nothing about its sunsets...

Although, in my opinion, it's something the city should be known for...

Sunset Essaouira, Morocco

Don't you think? :)

To watch the sun disappear into the Atlantic ocean & the sky become bright red, while listening to the crushing waves, is a unique picture every night...

I do love sunsets & I do love being by the sea, so for me sunset hours in a seaside place are like the best thing in the world.

Where to watch the sunset in Essaouira :

But where to go in Essaouira to enjoy the sunset show, preferably with a drink in your hand?

I'm afraid that for that, I have to suggest some of the touristy places I usually try to avoid... But sometimes it worth it to make an exception to the rule ;)

  • Beach & friends: directly on the beach, just next to Explora surf school, a beautiful restaurant & bar where you can relax on the comfy sofas & sunbathing on the deck-chairs, sheltered from the wind, while enjoying the view.
Beach & Friends, Essaouira, Morocco

But it's at sunset that the place really worth it. Facing the sea & Mogador island, you'll have the most wonderful view in front of you

Sunset on the beach, Essaouira, Morocco

while drinking a beer & savor some nibbles

Beach & Friends, Essaouira, Morocco

^local beer Casablanca was really tasty. Cheers! :)

Beach & Friends, Essaouira, Morocco

Beach & Friends, Essaouira, Morocco

^not the most local food ;p but sitting there after our last surf session of the day, was a real pleasure!

Beach & Friends, Essaouira, Morocco

Camels were enjoying sunset with us ;)

Camels on the beach at sunset in Essaouira, Morocco

  • Taros: on the main square, the several terraces of Taros offer a fabulous view over the harbor, the ocean & the old city's roofs. 
Taros café and restaurant Essaouira, Morocco

Bands play live music every night & there's a relaxed & young atmosphere.

Taros café and restaurant Essaouira, Morocco

As well as a lot of people, especially at sunset,  so you may want to arrive early to have a table & be ready to share half of your table with other guests.

Sunset in Essaouira, Morocco

Grab a beer, some olives

Taros café in Essaouira Morocco

Admire Moulay Hassan square & the giant fresco from Italian artist Giacomo Bufarini aka RUN.

He painted the biggest fresco of North Africa - 5.000 sqm - in February in occasion of the Marrakech Biennale.

Moulay Hassan square, giant fresco from Italian artist Giacomo Bufarini

It represents 2 human beings - not women nor men - standing on the opposite sides of a river, talking to each other to symbolize communication among people.

giant fresco from Italian artist Giacomo Bufarini in Moulay Hassan square in Essaouira

Have a look at the medina & the port from above

View of Essaouira Medina

View of the port of Essaouira at sunset

View of the port of Essaouira at sunset

View of the port of Essaouira at sunset

While waiting for the sky to turn red

Sunset in Essaouira, Morocco

& the show to begin

Sunset in Essaouira, Morocco

Sunset in Essaouira, Morocco

Sunset in Essaouira, Morocco

Sunset in Essaouira, Morocco

So what do you think about sunset in Essaouira? ;D



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