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New year - new play !

So to well start 2016, I've been chosen for a new play! :)

It's an interesting and slightly different than usual project : "Le Gazouillis des oiseaux" is a play written by Dinu Grigorescu, an Ukrainian playwright, well-known in his country.

This is the play with which he made his debut in theatres in 1978, but the subject is still quite modern. 
The first time the play was staged in 1978, some of the best Ukrainian actors took part in the project and it was a big success... so let's hope to keep up with it! ;)

And now Christine Romero, a French director, decided to adapt the play in France and this is the first time the text is translated and played in another country.
More info about the project here.

There are 6 other actors in addition to me, we met for the first time last Sunday and everyone seems nice :) We also had a first reading on Sunday and it was a good job. 

I'm happy to be back at work and can't wait to be on stage again ! (though it won't be until October or something like that).


Live for yourself : the best resolution for 2016

Live for yourself. This is the only good resolution you need for 2016. Cause life is too short to live it for others. And no one is going to live for you. 
And besides, who else is gonna be with you every single day of your own life, but you?
Lots of persons have so many good resolutions at the beginning of each year, only to end up frustrated at the end of the year.
But in the end, what we all want is to fully live our lives and be fulfilled.

The only way to achieve such a fulfillment, in my opinion, is to live for yourself. I'm not saying to become egoist - well, maybe a little - or to stop worrying about others. I'm just saying to be true to yourself, stop lying to yourself and act in accordance to what you really feel.

I'm now pretty good at that, but I haven't always been. Until not so long ago I was doing things for others instead that for myself. Either because I didn't want to disappoint people or either because people made me feel guilty.
And then one day I said stop. It wasn't easy at the beginning.
But I reconnected with myself and I listened to what I truly wanted.
Although I was good in maths and economics, I quit my job in finance to finally pursue my acting career full time - and I can tell you my family wasn't (and part of it still isn't) delighted by my decision...
But I know it was the right thing to do and I do feel good about it.

My other strong desire is to explore the whole world. But I don't always have the companions to travel with me. So one summer, after a long hesitation, I went to India to travel alone. Again it wasn't an easy decision as my family was totally against it and made me feel very, very guilty. I took all my strength and followed my deeper desire. I boarded the plane that was taking me to Bombay almost crying... But I'll never forget the freedom I felt. The sensation of doing the right thing. Of being true to myself. The happiness as I landed in that unknown land. If I close my eyes, I can feel all that right now.
(And for the record, it was one of the best journeys of my life and I met so many cool and interesting people that I've never been or felt lonely).

And that was the moment I knew I finally freed myself from all bonds. And I was finally living the life I wanted to live. I was being the person I wanted to be. I was doing what I was supposed to do.
And no matter what, I know that I'll always be there for myself.

Sometimes it's easier, sometimes I'm a bit lost. Sometimes I still do things that I don't really wanna do for others. But when it's too much my inner self reminds me of my deeper, true feelings and I can reconnect with myself.
If my life should end tomorrow, I would be sad as there are still so many experiences I want to do... But I wouldn't be disappointed with myself, as I'm living the life that is right for me.
I'm fully living life the way I want and that makes me happy.
And for this new year I wanna do it even more. I have many ideas and projects swirling in my head. I'm gonna put some order in it, forget all my fears and jump into life!

And that's all I wish to you : to listen to you inner self and be true to yourself. It's the best gift you can make to yourself and the best way to live a fulfilling life.
Sometimes we convince ourselves that we're doing the right thing, but deep inside - maybe very, very deep - we know that we're lying to ourselves.
When people try to stop you, they're not being mean, they really think they're giving you good advice. But only you, can really know what is good for yourself.

If your job isn't right for you find, a way to change it (again it wont be easy, perhaps you'll need to take some classes back or have two jobs at the same time - in order to play I need to have a side job - but it'll definitely worth it) ; if you dream to travel, jump on that plane ; if you dream to live in another country, don't let people at home hold you ; if you want to learn a new language, take the time for language classes ; if you dream to take ballet or belly dance classes go ahead ; if you want to change the way you dress or the make up you wear go fort it ; if you want to loose weight be sure it is for you and not because the way others look at you, and only then, go on a diet ; if you feel you wanna go to Africa to help less fortunate people ; if you want to stay at home with your children... Whatever it feels right for you, go for it! Don't let society, family, friends stop you just because you're supposedly too old, too fat, too thin, too responsable, too smart, too stupid, it's too difficult... Just go! 
And you'll be your best friend and life will be a happy place!

Happy 2016! Love <3



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