Did you ever wonder what is like to be an actress? No, not a Hollywood movie star, just one of the remaining 90% of the players... Here, you're gonna find the answer! Welcome to my life, Umberta, actress not (yet) a star!


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Shooting in Milan

Behind the scenes of a movie

A couple of months ago, I've been contacted through CastingCallPro to know if I wanted to audition for some corporate videos.

I sent right away my video audition to the casting director & the client chose me! :)

So a couple of days ago I flew to Milan for a 2 days shooting.

Actress life when shooting abroad

I arrived at my hotel in Arcore, a small village in Milan's suburbs, on Sunday evening

Actress life when shooting abroad

& had a relaxing night in order to be rested & ready for the shooting the morning after!

Actress life when shooting abroad

Early morning, the crew pick me up & took me to the studio where we shot all day long.

Actress life when shooting abroad

We shot on a chroma-key green screen, meaning that I was playing with no background (plain green background) & all the background elements will then be incrusted in post-production.

Actually they used a new technology so the background wasn't really green, it was grey & there was a green light projected against it & on the camera the background appeared to be green.

Actress life when shooting abraod

Actress life when filming a corporate video

I was also filming with no partner, I was alone & playing only my character without having the doctor in front of me.

And we were working with a prompter. I never used one before, I was a bit worried at the beginning, but actually it was ok.

Actress shooting a corporate film

The movies are training videos for medical students & I was playing a girl with an incurable brain tumor.

Actress playing a ill character

Despite the difficult subject, all the crew was super nice & I had a very good time!

After filming all day I felt the need to move & to change my mind though; I saw there was a big park not far from my hotel, so I went for a 40 minutes run. It felt so good!

Actress life when shooting abroad

Actress life when shooting abroad

The park, Villa Borromeo d'Adda, was beautiful & there were so many people running & exercising.

Running is not the sport I like the most, but I'm happy I started it as it's something I can easily do everywhere.

Actress life when shooting abraod

Actress life when shooting abroad

On my way back, I ordered a pizza - I was in Italy after all! - & watched an episode of Mistresses.

Actress life when shooting abraod

Before going to bed early to be ready for the second & last day of shooting!

That I attacked after some pancakes & fruits, not the most Italian breakfast - nor the lightest one ;p - but I can't say no to pancakes ;)

Pancakes based breakfast

Than back in the studio to film...

On the set of a medical corporate movie

As we finished earlier & the company I was working for has got a big French client, they also filmed a video audition of me in French :)

So hopefully we'll work together again! *fingers crossed*.

And after those 2 rewarding & absorbing days, it was yet time to go back home; sad that the filming was over, but happy to find back my love <3

Actress life when traveling


  1. This looks like SO much fun! Thanks for sharing your adventure at Bloggy Brunch!

    1. It was indeed! :))
      Thanks for organizing Bloggy Brunch!
      Have a wonderful day!

  2. It sounds like a lot of fun but two long days nevertheless. Good luck with getting more work through them.

    1. Thanks! :) Yes they were long days, but I like acting so much, that I would have wanted them to be even longer!! ;))

  3. Hey! I know Im late to your blog but this was such a fun post to read! This is a really neat insight on the life of an actress abroad! Thanks for sharing I look forward to reading your Posts!




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