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Magical terrace in Paris

View over Paris from Montmartre

No need to say Paris is a wonderful city. As it's often the case, to see the city from above is even more beautiful (or it's just me who love to see any place from above?!). 
As it happens, one of the most beautiful views over Paris is from Montmartre hill.

View over Paris from Montmartre

But when you have the chance to enjoy this wonderful panorama from a private terrace with a 360° view instead of among a huge crowd of tourists... Well I'd say this is kind of magical! :)

Follow me...

Private terrace in Montmartre Paris

One of the perks of having a hubby working in real estate ;)

View over Paris from Montmartre

And no, before you get too excited, this is not our home... although we live really close... in a first floor apartment ;)

One of hubby's clients, who lives in the building, kindly told us to go on the terrace once to enjoy the view at sunset.

It's  a shared terrace for all the building's residents, but fabulously it was just the 2 of us! Can you believe it??
I mean, if I lived there, I would spend all my time on such a terrace: it's huge, you have wonderful view, there are sun loungers, tables, chairs & even a bbq! 

View over Paris and the Eiffel Tower from Montmartre

Anyway, luckily for us, we could enjoy the terrace, the amazing view & each other's company in total tranquillity :)

View over Paris from Montmartre while drinking champagne

Sipping prosecco & nibbling on burrata and grilled vegetables (I'm still Italian for food! ;p)

Can one ever get tired of this view??

& it's not only the panorama, but also to look at the charming & typical Parisian roofs it's a never-getting-tired-of view!

We sat there chatting & happily watching the sky changing colors until the stars shine.

& when the sky becomes pink, the real show begun...

Call it magic... <3




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