Did you ever wonder what is like to be an actress? No, not a Hollywood movie star, just one of the remaining 90% of the players... Here, you're gonna find the answer! Welcome to my life, Umberta, actress not (yet) a star!


Paris mon amour

Paris has this special effect on me: whenever I'm sad, I take a walk in the city center and everything is so beautiful that calms me down.
It helps me to put into perspective problems...
That's exactly what happened the other morning. I was sad and tired as I discussed a lot with my father the day before - honestly I'm a grown up now, when it's going to finish this thing of arguing like when I was a teenager? - anyway I was really feeling blue... And I was going to the office. But really taking the subway and being in the crowd was too much for me, so instead I took a stroll through the Tuileries garden, and it was so peaceful and calm and beautiful, even though it's autumn so trees are naked, sky is white and the place was empty... And after 5 minutes that I was walking, I immediately felt better :)
Does Paris have the same effect on you? Or any other city? Or is just walking perhaps?


My dark side

Before summer, a friend of mine called as he was working on a photo project and wanted to know if I wanted to be part of it.
The project is called "Dark side of..." and it shows only one side of one person's face in order to focus on it, the other side being in the dark.
So here's my dark side ;)

Avant l'été, un de mes amis a appelé car il travaillait sur ​​un projet photo et il voulais savoir si je voulais en faire partie. 
Le projet est s'appelle "Dark side of..." et il ne montre qu'un seul côté du visage d'une personne afin de se concentrer sur celui-ci, l'autre côté étant dans l'obscurité. 
Alors, voici mon côté sombre ;)


I'm back!

I'm back!!! 
This trip in China was much more beautiful then I was expecting! Seriously, the country is awesome with some of the most wonderful natural landscapes I ever seen! And the people are just too nice, so warm and welcoming and helpful - even if we couldn't communicate properly -... we're not used to that in Europe. And they seem to have a very good sense of the family. We often saw young dads taking care of babies and families taking out old people... It was very touching.
I have so many pics and stories to share!!
But it's gonna take some time, to go through them and prepare the posts...
Also because I have something new to take care of since I'm back : our wedding!!! Yessss, Mick proposed while we were in China!!! It was so beautiful!!! And I'm too happy, I feel like I'm 10 meters over the floor and I seem not to be able to come down back on earth! ;) 
Never mind, I don't mind being flying ;)
I also have a new play to prepare, if I ever arrive to focus...
Anyway, now that I'm back I'll have the time to update you about everything! And btw sorry for not updating anything while in China, but I didn't consider that everything was blocked: Instagram, facebook... even blogger!
Here some iPhone pictures from our trip, teh rets will come soon!
Happy to be back ! xxx
Beijing - Forbidden city
Beijing - The Great Wall
Beijing - Temple of Heaven - my favorite place in the city!!
Beijing - people do so many activities in the Temple of Heaven park
Huangshan - such a wonderful place!!
Huangshan - hot springs
Shanghai - skyline
Tiantouzhai - rice fields 
Yangshuo - countryside
Yangshuo - lunch with a view ;)
Hong Kong
Hong Kong - Lantau Island 
Hong Kong - Sai Kung
Hong Kong - a drink with a view 
Hong Kong - us <3
Hong Kong - Simphony of lights 


China here we come!!

Good morning! How are you today?
I'm at the airport!! We're going to China for 2 weeks!!! I'm so happy!! :))
I also succeeded in making a very light luggage, so light that now I'm afraid I forgot things.. Anyway I've planned to go shopping there!! ;))
I'm not sure I'll be able to update the blog while there, I'll try, otherwise I'll surely post on Instagram, so you can follow our China adventures there!! :)
Tired face... I guess I'm gonna sleep all the flight!! ;))


Vote for me!!!

In a moment of craziness, I have signed my blog for the 5th Golden Blog Awards, that will be held in Paris on November the 12th ... So now I need your help !!! Vote for me !!! :)
Nothing could be more simple, just vote by clicking on the button on the left here on my blog homepage or by following this link :

Dans un moment de folie, j'ai inscrit mon blog à la 5ème édition des Golden Blog Awards, qui se tiendra à Paris le 12 novembre.... J'ai donc besoin de votre aide maintenant !!! Votez pour moi !!! :)
Pour cela rien de plus simple, il suffit de voter en cliquant sur le bouton ici à gauche sur mon blog ou en suivant ce lien :


And don't forget, you can vote once per day! 
1.000 thank-you !! <3

Et n'oubliez pas, on peut voter une fois par jour! Alors à vos claviers!! ;)
1.000 merci !! <3


Audition eavesdropping

So yesterday I was waiting for this audition for a marketing agency that organizes promotional tours for alcohol brands and for that is looking for actors, dancers, musicians…
Anyway, while waiting I listened to the girls chatting next to me and they were like: "So how are you? What are you doing at the moment?" and one replies: "I've almost finished recording my new album!" and the other one: "Amazing! Me too everything is so good, I'm working on this great film, I'm so lucky cause it's a big project…" and the last one was working on a TV series… And blah blah blah…
Suddenly, I was feeling kind of blue, as if everyone was working on big projects but me… Before remembering that the girls were auditioning for a promotional tour, like me! Lol!
Keeping on eavesdropping, I understood that the great movie was a short film and the TV series a student project… All in all, I'm not so bad actually! ;) 

Donc hier j’attendais pour cette audition pour une agence de marketing qui organise des tournées promotionnelles pour des marques d'alcool et pour ça est à la recherche d'acteurs, danseurs, musiciens... 
Bref, en attendant j'écoutais des filles qui papotaient à coté de moi : "Alors, comment ça va? Qu'est-ce que vous faites en ce moment?" Et l'une répond "J'ai presque fini d'enregistrer mon nouvel album!" et l'autre "Génial! Moi aussi ça va, je travaille sur un très beau film, j'ai vraiment de la chance car c'est un gros projet..." et la dernière jouait dans une série télé... Et bla bla bla... 
Du coup, je me sentais un peu démoralisée, comme si tout le monde travaillait sur de grands projets, à part moi... Avant de me rappeler que les filles étaient en train d'auditionner pour une tournée promotionnelle, comme moi! Lol! 
En continuant à écouter, j'ai compris que le gros film était un court-métrage et la série TV un projet étudiant... Dans l'ensemble, je ne suis pas si mal en fait! ;)


Hello blog,
Hope you had a nice week-end, :) and wish a good week!
This weeks is gonna pass by really fast, I guess, as on Friday morning we're going to China and I still have so many things to do before...
When I was in Rome last month, my agent asked for new headshots so yesterday I took some photos with a photographer friend of mine.
The weather was so grey, but we managed to take the pictures before the storm arrived ;) 
Here's a quick preview of our work!
Now I'm going to buy the last things I need for the travel (I just need leggings and ear plugs - I usually don't use them, but I read on many blogs and forums that walls in China are often very thin...), then I'm going to an audition for a promotional tour and as soon as I get back home I have to get through all pictures form yesterday (almost 1.000!!!) and send them to my agents so that they can choose.
Have a good afternoon! :)
Ps. I can't recognize myself in this last picture...It's so weird, I know it's me, but it doesn't look like me... ;)

Bonjour blog, 
J'espère que vous passé un bon week-end, :) et je vous souhiate une bonne semaine! 
Cette semaine va passer très vite, j'imagine, car vendredi matin nous partons pour la Chine et j'ai encore plein choses à faire avant... 
Quand j'étais à Rome le mois dernier, mon agent m'a demandé de nouvelles photos, donc hier avec un amo photographe nous avons pris quelques photos. 
Le temps était hotriblement gris, mais nous avons réussi à prendre les photos avant l'arrivée de la pluie! ;)
Voici un petit apercu de notre travail! 
Maintenant, je vais acheter les dernières choses dont j'ai besoin pour le voyage (j'ai juste besoin d'un leggings et de bouchons d'oreille - d'habitude de ne les utilise pas, mais j'ai lu sur de nombreux blogs et forums que les murs en Chine sont souvent très fins...), puis je vais à une audition pour une tournée promotionnelle et enfin dès que je rentre à la maison, je dois passer en revue toutes les images d'hier (presque 1.000 !!!) et les envoyer à mes agents pour qu'ils choisissent. 
Bon après-midi à vous! :) 
Ps. Je ne me reconnais dans cette dernière photo... C'est bizarre, je sais que c'est moi, mais ça ne ressemble pas à moi... ;)



Well, even if the liked my voice for the casting for the Italian voice and asked my availability, the eventually booked someone else :( Such a pity!
Plus autumn is finally here, sky is gray and it's raining since Monday and apparently it'll continue all the week...
To cheer me up, my aunt is arriving today! :)
And we're going to China next week! I can't wait!!
Everything is (more or less) set up, except for the accommodation in Hong Kong... it drives me crazy, hotels and guesthouses are so ridiculously expensive: like 100€/night for a 7 squared meters room!! 
Anyway, before to go back to my accommodation research, here some pictures from last week-end (and i still have so many pics to how from the summer/ St Petersburg, Sardinia, Riga... It's en endless job, lol!).
We were in Brittany last week-end for my friend Aurélie wedding. The weeding was on Saturday, but we arrived on Friday evening and stayed in this cute little village, La Bernerie-en-Retz, at this nice hotel, Le Grand Large, that is ON the beach! The good surprise was the hotel restaurant, Les Aromes, that was really excellent! We had fish and seafood and than enjoyed a night walk on the beach.
Saturday morning we went again on the beach, I wanted to bait but the water was actually a bit too cold and then we had a walk in the centre, where I found a very cheap little shop, started to try clothes, left with a suede skirt and a white blouse and almost got late for the wedding. We rushed to the hotel again to prepare ourselves, I had planned to take some outfit pictures but because of shopping I really didn't' have time!! ahah!
The wedding was really beautiful, we had such a nice time and danced a lot!
The day after there was a equally beautiful brunch and then we made a quick visit to Pornic village, before taking the road back to Paris. :)


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