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Magical terrace in Paris

View over Paris from Montmartre

No need to say Paris is a wonderful city. As it's often the case, to see the city from above is even more beautiful (or it's just me who love to see any place from above?!). 
As it happens, one of the most beautiful views over Paris is from Montmartre hill.

View over Paris from Montmartre

But when you have the chance to enjoy this wonderful panorama from a private terrace with a 360° view instead of among a huge crowd of tourists... Well I'd say this is kind of magical! :)

Follow me...

Private terrace in Montmartre Paris

One of the perks of having a hubby working in real estate ;)

View over Paris from Montmartre

And no, before you get too excited, this is not our home... although we live really close... in a first floor apartment ;)

One of hubby's clients, who lives in the building, kindly told us to go on the terrace once to enjoy the view at sunset.

It's  a shared terrace for all the building's residents, but fabulously it was just the 2 of us! Can you believe it??
I mean, if I lived there, I would spend all my time on such a terrace: it's huge, you have wonderful view, there are sun loungers, tables, chairs & even a bbq! 

View over Paris and the Eiffel Tower from Montmartre

Anyway, luckily for us, we could enjoy the terrace, the amazing view & each other's company in total tranquillity :)

View over Paris from Montmartre while drinking champagne

Sipping prosecco & nibbling on burrata and grilled vegetables (I'm still Italian for food! ;p)

Can one ever get tired of this view??

& it's not only the panorama, but also to look at the charming & typical Parisian roofs it's a never-getting-tired-of view!

We sat there chatting & happily watching the sky changing colors until the stars shine.

& when the sky becomes pink, the real show begun...

Call it magic... <3


Rhianna concert in Paris!

End of July,  to end in style a yet special day, we went to Rihanna's concert in Paris with all our friends. 

I've been wanting to watch Rihanna live for some time, so I was pretty excited when I heard she was having a new tour & coming to Paris :)

The concert took place in the football stadium north of Paris, we took the tickets a couple of months ago, & I must admit that now I was a little bit scared of going there, among a huge crowd, with all the awful things happening in the world, but eventually we decided we can't stop living & off we went.

At the beginning of the show, there were two singers I didn't know, but they were pretty good. Except that one of them was on the stage wearing a bulletproof vest... Which I found quite strange as if he was really scared, he shouldn't have been there & if that was his stage costume it was in poor taste...

Anyway. Eventually Rihanna arrived, entering from among the public & going up an aerial walkaway leading her to the stage.

I was expecting a huge show, like when I saw Beyonce or Britney Spears, & I was a bit disappointed: there was no scenography, no special effects, no beautiful choreographies... Just a couple of dancers. Except for a glimmering jumpsuit, Rhianna wasn't wearing anything special... She was singing in playback, and that's ok, but sometimes she just put down the microphone even though her voice was still singing... It was very strange.
(You'll see everything in the videos below).

& can I say it? To say it politely, she was constantly touching herself in between her legs & I really found it annoying...

There was a very beautiful moment though, when she said some kind words about what happened in France and asked everyone in the public to light up their phones & sang Diamonds.
As you can see in the video below, it was really, really beautiful to see all those little lights :)

Nevertheless, I happily sang & dance, we were super close to the stage & I had a very good moment. 

She even sang Umbrella, that is one of my favorite songs :) I'll leave you with this one!

...It's raining, raining, oh baby it's raining, raining, baby come here to me, come here to meeee...


Avocado toast & Louboutin

Avocado toast from Fragments coffee shop in Paris

Avo toast & Louboutin sounds like a perfect combo to me, doesn't it? :)

If you read my blog, you already know that for our first wedding anniversary, hubby offered me a pair of Louboutin! *heart eyes emoji here*.

But he wisely decided we should go together to choose my new Loubi.

As the good things often come in pairs, I stopped by his office on a Saturday morning to have lunch together before shopping.

I heard of a new coffee place making avo toast & I obviously had to check it out, more it was literally around the corner from hubby's office.

Fragments a coffee shop in Paris

Fragments a coffee shop in Paris

Fragments is a tiny, cute coffee place in the Marais, that serves breakfast all day long, chia pudding, cakes, good coffee & obviously avocado toast!

Fragments coffee shop in Paris

Carte du coffee shop Fragments in Paris

Cakes from Fragments coffee shop in Paris

We were lucky enough to find a table & we settled down among a mostly foreign crowd, happily chatting while waiting for our lunch to arrive.

Brunch at Fragments coffee shop in Paris
Avocado toast for both of us plus iced latte for me & fresh orange juice for hubby.

Avocado toast at Fragments coffee shop in Paris

Now I'm pleased to announce that Fragments offers the best avocado toast I had in Paris so far!!! (& I tasted all the avo toasts available in Paris!!).

Where to eat avocado toast in Paris

Full & happy, we continued our way to Louboutin, where I tried so many wonderful shoes.

Louboutin shoes

Eventually, we chose our 2 favorites: a pair of black pumps very classic on the front, but with some sort of flames on the back going up on the ankles & a more princess-like pair of shoes, pinkish & sparkling...

Can you guess which one I picked-up? ;)

Louboutin shoes

Yup, I went for the sparkling, pink shoes!! I wanted something more special & particular & I wanted to feel like a princess <3

Louboutin pink sparkling shoes

Louboutin sparkling shoes
But it wasn't an easy choice ;)

I can't wait to wear them, even though honestly, they're not the most confortable shoes in the world. ;)

They're really for princesses, for waiting prince charming to pick you up on his white horse so that you don't have to walk! ;)

Anyway, they're so beautiful, I think they worth a close-up ;)

Louboutin sparkling shoes

said before that good things come in pairs, but I should have said they come in threes. As if tit wasn't a prefect day yet, we went to Rihanna concert that night!

I'll show you some videos & pics from the show tomorrow, now let's stay focused on these beauties <3

Louboutin pinkish sparkling shoes


Shooting in Milan

Behind the scenes of a movie

A couple of months ago, I've been contacted through CastingCallPro to know if I wanted to audition for some corporate videos.

I sent right away my video audition to the casting director & the client chose me! :)

So a couple of days ago I flew to Milan for a 2 days shooting.

Actress life when shooting abroad

I arrived at my hotel in Arcore, a small village in Milan's suburbs, on Sunday evening

Actress life when shooting abroad

& had a relaxing night in order to be rested & ready for the shooting the morning after!

Actress life when shooting abroad

Early morning, the crew pick me up & took me to the studio where we shot all day long.

Actress life when shooting abroad

We shot on a chroma-key green screen, meaning that I was playing with no background (plain green background) & all the background elements will then be incrusted in post-production.

Actually they used a new technology so the background wasn't really green, it was grey & there was a green light projected against it & on the camera the background appeared to be green.

Actress life when shooting abraod

Actress life when filming a corporate video

I was also filming with no partner, I was alone & playing only my character without having the doctor in front of me.

And we were working with a prompter. I never used one before, I was a bit worried at the beginning, but actually it was ok.

Actress shooting a corporate film

The movies are training videos for medical students & I was playing a girl with an incurable brain tumor.

Actress playing a ill character

Despite the difficult subject, all the crew was super nice & I had a very good time!

After filming all day I felt the need to move & to change my mind though; I saw there was a big park not far from my hotel, so I went for a 40 minutes run. It felt so good!

Actress life when shooting abroad

Actress life when shooting abroad

The park, Villa Borromeo d'Adda, was beautiful & there were so many people running & exercising.

Running is not the sport I like the most, but I'm happy I started it as it's something I can easily do everywhere.

Actress life when shooting abraod

Actress life when shooting abroad

On my way back, I ordered a pizza - I was in Italy after all! - & watched an episode of Mistresses.

Actress life when shooting abraod

Before going to bed early to be ready for the second & last day of shooting!

That I attacked after some pancakes & fruits, not the most Italian breakfast - nor the lightest one ;p - but I can't say no to pancakes ;)

Pancakes based breakfast

Than back in the studio to film...

On the set of a medical corporate movie

As we finished earlier & the company I was working for has got a big French client, they also filmed a video audition of me in French :)

So hopefully we'll work together again! *fingers crossed*.

And after those 2 rewarding & absorbing days, it was yet time to go back home; sad that the filming was over, but happy to find back my love <3

Actress life when traveling



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