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Avocado toast & Louboutin

Avocado toast from Fragments coffee shop in Paris

Avo toast & Louboutin sounds like a perfect combo to me, doesn't it? :)

If you read my blog, you already know that for our first wedding anniversary, hubby offered me a pair of Louboutin! *heart eyes emoji here*.

But he wisely decided we should go together to choose my new Loubi.

As the good things often come in pairs, I stopped by his office on a Saturday morning to have lunch together before shopping.

I heard of a new coffee place making avo toast & I obviously had to check it out, more it was literally around the corner from hubby's office.

Fragments a coffee shop in Paris

Fragments a coffee shop in Paris

Fragments is a tiny, cute coffee place in the Marais, that serves breakfast all day long, chia pudding, cakes, good coffee & obviously avocado toast!

Fragments coffee shop in Paris

Carte du coffee shop Fragments in Paris

Cakes from Fragments coffee shop in Paris

We were lucky enough to find a table & we settled down among a mostly foreign crowd, happily chatting while waiting for our lunch to arrive.

Brunch at Fragments coffee shop in Paris
Avocado toast for both of us plus iced latte for me & fresh orange juice for hubby.

Avocado toast at Fragments coffee shop in Paris

Now I'm pleased to announce that Fragments offers the best avocado toast I had in Paris so far!!! (& I tasted all the avo toasts available in Paris!!).

Where to eat avocado toast in Paris

Full & happy, we continued our way to Louboutin, where I tried so many wonderful shoes.

Louboutin shoes

Eventually, we chose our 2 favorites: a pair of black pumps very classic on the front, but with some sort of flames on the back going up on the ankles & a more princess-like pair of shoes, pinkish & sparkling...

Can you guess which one I picked-up? ;)

Louboutin shoes

Yup, I went for the sparkling, pink shoes!! I wanted something more special & particular & I wanted to feel like a princess <3

Louboutin pink sparkling shoes

Louboutin sparkling shoes
But it wasn't an easy choice ;)

I can't wait to wear them, even though honestly, they're not the most confortable shoes in the world. ;)

They're really for princesses, for waiting prince charming to pick you up on his white horse so that you don't have to walk! ;)

Anyway, they're so beautiful, I think they worth a close-up ;)

Louboutin sparkling shoes

said before that good things come in pairs, but I should have said they come in threes. As if tit wasn't a prefect day yet, we went to Rihanna concert that night!

I'll show you some videos & pics from the show tomorrow, now let's stay focused on these beauties <3

Louboutin pinkish sparkling shoes


  1. Oh those shoes! Squee! :) So pretty and sparkly!

    Do you know what else goes into the avocado mash up on the toast? I've had avocado and I've had toast, but never together and certainly never in France. I didn't even know this was a thing they did in Paris! Perhaps I'll check out Fragments next time in France; it looks like a delightful little cafe.

    1. Hi! :) Well, basically avocado toast is not a French thing ;p I think it's easier to find it in the Usa than here for instance. Or in Australia, they have it like in every coffee shop! :)) Anyway, as I love it I'm always looking for those kind of non-French places in Paris ;) Or I do it myself at home. Surely in the coffee shops they mix other things with the mashed avocado (like pesto or basil or other seasonings) it depends on where you go. When I do it at home, I sometimes add lemon, or smashed tomatoes or grains or garlic... or nothing ;) It depends on how I feel like & what I have in the fridge ;) or sometimes I do avocado toast with sliced avocado (not mashed ). And I love to put a poached egg on top of it. Or also salmon or bacon. Well, I guess you have endless options ;)
      Anyway, you should check Fragments when in Paris or also Ob-la-di, is another very cute coffee shop.
      Have a nice day!




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