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Rhianna concert in Paris!

End of July,  to end in style a yet special day, we went to Rihanna's concert in Paris with all our friends. 

I've been wanting to watch Rihanna live for some time, so I was pretty excited when I heard she was having a new tour & coming to Paris :)

The concert took place in the football stadium north of Paris, we took the tickets a couple of months ago, & I must admit that now I was a little bit scared of going there, among a huge crowd, with all the awful things happening in the world, but eventually we decided we can't stop living & off we went.

At the beginning of the show, there were two singers I didn't know, but they were pretty good. Except that one of them was on the stage wearing a bulletproof vest... Which I found quite strange as if he was really scared, he shouldn't have been there & if that was his stage costume it was in poor taste...

Anyway. Eventually Rihanna arrived, entering from among the public & going up an aerial walkaway leading her to the stage.

I was expecting a huge show, like when I saw Beyonce or Britney Spears, & I was a bit disappointed: there was no scenography, no special effects, no beautiful choreographies... Just a couple of dancers. Except for a glimmering jumpsuit, Rhianna wasn't wearing anything special... She was singing in playback, and that's ok, but sometimes she just put down the microphone even though her voice was still singing... It was very strange.
(You'll see everything in the videos below).

& can I say it? To say it politely, she was constantly touching herself in between her legs & I really found it annoying...

There was a very beautiful moment though, when she said some kind words about what happened in France and asked everyone in the public to light up their phones & sang Diamonds.
As you can see in the video below, it was really, really beautiful to see all those little lights :)

Nevertheless, I happily sang & dance, we were super close to the stage & I had a very good moment. 

She even sang Umbrella, that is one of my favorite songs :) I'll leave you with this one!

...It's raining, raining, oh baby it's raining, raining, baby come here to me, come here to meeee...


  1. This was a fun blog post to read. I'm so glad you went to the concert even though you were nervous after all that has happened in Europe (and more specifically, France) recently. It looks like the concert was a lot of fun! I loved that video of everyone lighting up their phones in the audience! That was such a fantastic idea! I am really shocked that she didn't have a more elaborate concert though; of any singer, she's one that I would expect elaborate from.

    1. I'm glad we went too as we cannot stop living, otherwise it would be like a "defeat", if you see what I mean..
      & the concert was fun, but yes as you said it's Rihanna, she should have a more elaborated show!! Anyway it was cool! ;)




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