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Last day in Biarritz

Biarritz Grande Plage

My last day in Biarritz started as the previous ones: I woke up, headed to the beach, looked at the perfect waves stretching in front of me, smiled & got into the ocean.

How beautiful is the beach early morning, when there is almost nobody? 

Biarritz Grande Plage

& almost nobody in the water :)

I had a wonderful session, working on my turning skills. 

I was alone in the water, but what I like about surfing is that I feel like there's a community: waiting for the waves, I always have a talk with other surfers & I feel like we keep an eye on each other should something go wrong.

Biarritz Grande Plage

Just before leaving, I saw this woman entering the water. She was super fit & tanned, with long blonde hair. She was maybe 40 or 45 & wearing a red bikini, while I was wrapped in my long wetsuit. & she was surfing so damn well!! 
I really wanted to go to her & say "Please, I wanna become like you in 10 years!! & can we be friends?", which I obviously didn't. ;)

Biarritz Grande Plage

After almost 4 hours (that's the problem of living far away from the ocean, once you're in you never wanna stop as you don't know the next time you're gonna be in the waves), I came out the water in search for lunch.

I saw on the Internet, that Biarritz is full of nice places for brunch & healthy meals. Seriously, in Paris I cannot find this kind of places whereas in Biarritz there were so many... I told it's like a little Sydney!!

I chose Milwaukee Café, as apparently they have exceptional eggs Benedict.

Milwaukee Café, Biarritz

Unfortunately I arrived too late & kitchen was closed, so I had a quinoa salad instead, which was really yummy by the way.

& look how cute is the place anyway! So pink & sweet!!

Milwaukee Café, Biarritz

I sat outside happily eating & blogging. & thinking that's how life should be. 

Quinoa salad at Milwaukee Café in Biarritz, France

After lunch, I had a last walk on the beach, soaking up as much sun as I could.

View of the ocean in Biarritz

& I took the path leading to the city center to enjoy the view over the beach from up there (& to go shopping at Galeries Lafayette).

The path leading from the Grande Plage to the city center, Biarritz

In Biarritz there are flowers, and particularly hydrangeas, everywhere & I love this flower so much. In Italy, we always had it at home... I should buy some in Paris too.

hydrangeas in Biarritz

Isn't it a glorious view?

View over Biarritz Grande Plage

Square overlooking the ocean in Biarritz, France

At the end of the afternoon, after some unsuccessful shopping, I went for a coffee & cake in this tea room I saw before, while coming up from the beach.

I noticed it because it had huge windows overlooking the ocean & I was curious to see the view from the inside. Plus it was so hot, that actually sitting inside rather than outside felt like a good option.

Tearoom in Biarritz

View of the ocean from the Patisserie Miremont in Biarritz

I sat near the window & enjoyed the view with a coffee & a gateau basque, a local cake with cherries.

Coffee and Basque cake at Patisserie Miremont in Biarritz

Patisserie Miremont turned out to be an institution in Biarritz, it exists since 1872!! 

& the decor makes you feel like in the old century indeed.

Patisserie Miremont an old charming tearoom in Biarritz

Patisserie Miremont an old charming tearoom in Biarritz

How much do they love pink in this city btw?? Even in this place all the walls were pink! It's the city for me ;p

Patisserie Miremont an old charming tearoom in Biarritz

The cake I had was very good, but everything seemed yummy anyway & also, all the cakes & chocolates come in pink bags!

Patisserie Miremont an old charming tearoom in Biarritz

Patisserie Miremont in Biarritz

Patisserie Miremont in Biarritz

After a last look at the bright blue ocean, it was time to go.

Patisserie Miremont in Biarritz

At the hotel, they've been so nice to let me keep the room until night as there were no other guests coming that day.

I grabbed my luggage & I had a last walk through Biarritz to go to the airport.

Yes you read well, I walked to the airport! I'm always used to airports being far away, but actually in Biarritz is so close you can go there by foot in about 25 minutes! (it's actually faster by foot than by bus!)

Thank you for a wonderful time Biarritz, I'll surely come back for more! :)


  1. What a lovely little place. It sounds like paradise, almost like an island, and yet there it is on mainland France. You had a great last day! Final days are sometimes sad but this was was okay.

    1. Yup it really was a little paradise !! :))
      Last days are ok... what is bad is the day you come back home & back to the office! ahah! ;))

  2. What a beautiful place! I'm definitely overdue for some beach time! All of those treats in that tea room look amazing! I'm craving chocolate now!

    1. Ahah sorry for the chocolate craving ;)))




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