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Happy birthday Nora!

We had a super fun girls night out the other day for one of my besties birthday!
After some drinks at home and the birthday gifts (we are bringing Nora to see the musical "Cats" as her birthday gift!!) we all gathered in  one car (I know, I know 6 in one city car it's a bad thing..) and headed to Yeeels for some dinner, dancing and more drinks.
Yeeels is the new trendy place in town.
There's a nice, cozy atmosphere and decoration is modern, beautiful and huge. The music was just great (I shazammed almost every song as I'm preparing our wedding playlist so dear Yeeels Dj I owe a very big thank-you for making my task so much easier!!) and the food was remarkably good (and it worth to remark it as that is not always the case in these trendy places to be).
We had a terrific good night, we danced, laughed and drank a lot!! It took me 2 days to recover from it but it totally worth it!! Happy b-day Nora!! :)


You can always count on me to guffaw (I know I'm a classy lady!!)...

And to continue with the funny faces...

We can behave sometimes too...

But only sometimes...

Once the waitress switched on the lights and started to clean we understood (cleaver girls!!) it was time to leave...

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