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I love shopping in Grenoble

Last time we were in Grenoble, Mick and I had some errands to run on Saturday, so we went to the mall. I just love the malls in smaller cities comparing to the ones in Paris, I mean, it was Saturday afternoon and the shops weren't crowded at all! I could easily trying clothes on and all...
After all things done, we still had some spare time, so that was a perfect excuse for some shopping!
Actually I wanted to look for a dress for my bridesmaids (found anything) but I felt in love with this top from 1.2.3. 

It feels summer with the printed palms and the golden color is just perfect with blond hair. Really. It was a bit expensive though, but it really fits well. And I know it will be perfect to create simple, effortless yet particular outfits this spring (if spring will ever come..).

I also found this falsely sporty top at Zara.

Can't wait to wear them! But it's still too cold outside... :(
And the cute love ring is just a little plus from Pimkie.

And just for the record, I saw some very cute and remarkably inexpensive jars at Casa.

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