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Today we watch : Connasse princesse des coeurs

Saturday night I was a bit tired, not really willing to party nor to dress up to go dinner outside. I just wanted a cosy, little night. Meaning by that I really wanted to go to the cinema to watch a simple, good-mood movie. Nora and I went to watch "Connasse, princesse de coeurs". For those of you who don't know, Connasse is a French, comic candid camera starring the most unbearable mean girl (the so called "Connasse"). And they now turned it into a feature film. So I went to the cinema with really low expectations... and was incredibly surprised in a positive way. The movie is super funny, we've been laughing out loud all along!! We really had good time and kept smiling for the rest of the evening.
The plot is inconsistent, but it doesn't matter. Camille Cottin (the connasse) is good actress and super bold (she must have had SO much fun shooting the movie!!!) plus she's got a wardrobe that would make Carrie Bradshaw jealous! The jokes work really well and they go on without any breaks. The whole movie has been filmed on hidden camera and the result is good (I was afraid that filming on hidden camera meant poor quality images, but I was wrong).
I actually never watched Connasse on the telly before, but I think the cinema version is a good achievement.
It's surely not great cinema, but if you wanna have a nice evening in good company and have fun, I highly recommend you Connasse the movie!
Here under a screenshot from one of the funniest moment of the film... How I would have loved to be there while they were shooting this!! 

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