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The first day without a jacket - although spring didn't exactly sprung yet and I still need to wear a sweater - deserves well an outfit post ;)

And at the same occasion a little feedback of the online shopping website Chicy.se, that's where I found the M sweater.

I knew about this website through the blogosphere and found they had nice things but I couldn't find any feedback about it so I couldn't decide whether I should give it a try or not.

Then I saw the M sweater and I really needed it as my boyfriend's name is Mickael (and just for the record he really likes me wearing a jumper with his letter ;p).

This plus the fact that the unknown website wasn't China based, convinced me to place an order. So I took the M sweater plus another white knitted sweater.

So Chicy is a Swedish webshop. So they ship from Sweden, items in Europe arrive quite quickly (less than 1 week for me), but the shipping cost is quite high (17€ for Europe and 40€ outside Europe) so you can't really buy one little item as the shipping cost would double or triple its price.
You can return items, and that's a good thing.
Last, but not least, the clothes. I actually think they buy and resell clothes that you can find on Aliexpress, Sheinside and similar China based webshops. As some clothes are the same and quality is more or less the same too (a lot of acrylic and few 100% wool or cotton items). That it's not a problem if you know what you're buying : I mean these are not long-lasting,  timeless pieces. 
And Chicy has a nice selection of clothes. Problem is that prices are higher comparing to similar items. Plus the shipping cost, it's not really a good place for shopping, if you live outside Sweden.
That being said, the website is sure, they ship fast and you can return items (we cannot exactly say the same for China based webshops).
Chicy has also a sale section that may be more interesting (that's where I found my sweaters by the way ;p).

So regarding the M sweater, at first I was a bit disappointed with it, as it's slightly too short, but I couldn't see it from the pictures on line, so I couldn't wear it for some time. But then I thought of wearing it with a long shirt of the same color tone under it and I think the result is really nice.
What do you think? Which are your favorite online shops?

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