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Lazy Sunday

I really like from time to time having a day by myself doing "nothing".
That's exactly what's happening today. Mick's out to Disneyland with the guys from his office in a sort of team building day (and - big up for him - he also went to the market on his way to Disney to buy our fresh fruits and veggies for the week).
I spent the morning reading blogs and then searching ideas on what to visit, where to go, what to do in Australia for our honeymoon :) I went out only to grab a burger and french fries and had lunch on the couch in front of "Pretty Little Liars". I watched 3 episodes in a row!!! That's really the luxury and yes, I'm completely obsessed with it! Maybe I'll watch also another episode later... But I really need to know who A is!!! ;)
I'm not wearing any make up, just a very nutrient cream, I've done my nails and now I still have plenty of time to search on Amazon for some decoration stuff we need for the wedding.
I just prepared a cup of herbal tea and I'm really relaxed :) (but I'll be also very happy once Mick will be back home!!) ;)
What do you do in your solo time? Do you like it? But most important, are you obsessed wit Pretty Little Liars too or I'm the only sick girl in here?! ;)

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