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Fennel gratin

Happy Valentine’s day!! <3 <3

Here's a very simple, quick and super yummy recipe.
Really yummy as I usually don’t eat fennel, but this recipe… I just love it!
And very simple, you can also make it for tonight if you want to prepare a homemade romantic dinner, but you were out of ideas!

What you need for 3/4 persons:

- 2 fennel
- Olive oil
- Pepper
- 2 slices of ham
- 3/4 ¾ glass of milk
- Raped Parmesan

First of all, turn on the oven to 180° (I told you it's a very quick recipe! ;p).

Wash the fennel, cut it into small cubes and put them in an oven dish.

Season the fennel with olive oil and pepper.
I don't use salt, but if you're used to it, you may add some salt too.

But just for the record, the salt contained in food covers the recommended daily dose, the salt we add to our food is not necessary for us. People add salt just because they're used to it, because they're used to the taste of it, but not because they need it.
Try to stop this habit, at the beginning you may find your food unsalted, but after a while you're going to get used to it, to rediscover the true flavor of food and you'll eat in a healthier way.
You can also use other things to flavor your food: herbs, grains, homemade sauces…

Add half a glass of water too, to avoid the fennel to burn during the cooking.

Cut the ham into little pieces and throw it over the fennel.

Pour the milk over the fennel and the ham.

Add the raped parmesan over everything and put it in the oven for about 40 minutes. 

When the top is grilled you can stop the cooking.

You can serve the fennel as a main dish, with some salad for instance or as a side dish to go with some fish or meat.

And you can keep it for a couple of day in the fridge and bring it with you also to work, school, university… It's also very good warm up the day after! ;)

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