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9 things that made me happy this week

- To have an awful dizziness on Wednesday and being super afraid o have Labyrinthitis again. When I understood I was not getting Labyrinthitis, I was just too happy even though I was still feeling terrible!

- To go to the jewelry to take the watch I ordered as an engagement gift for my fiance and to see that it was even more beautiful than I remembered and that they did a perfect engraving even though the space for it was really limited!

- To give the watch to my love on Valentine's day and see that he really likes it (it was a surprise and I chose it by myself...).

- To spend a romantic and cozy night at home with my love for Valentine's day <3 

- To receive a personalized iPhone case with the picture we took just after my love proposed to me. It's such a sweet gift and anytime I look at it I feel terribly happy.

- To have a very nice brunch on Sunday with lots of friends on Sunday.

- To have a Lebanese dinner withe my girlfriends, chatting, gossiping and laughing :)

- To know that my sister has booked the plane's ticket and she's coming to visit in 2 weeks!

- To be called to audition for a comic theatre play. In this difficult time, even  just a call for an audition makes me happy!

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