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China calling

Longsheng terraced rice fields
At the end of October we're gonna travel 2 weeks in China!! :)
I'm so happy!! I really love to discover new places and cultures and, because of work, it's been a while since I had a big trip, I missed it!
I'm organizing the trip now, there are too many things to see!!! How am I gonna do to make a choice and put together an itinerary??!
I love planning journeys almost as much as I love traveling. After some research on Pinterest, here are my very favorite things I found, so far at least… ;)

À la fin d'Octobre nous allons en Chine pendant deux semaines!! :)
Je suis tellement heureuse!! J'adore découvrir de nouveaux lieux et cultures et à cause du travail, ça faisait longtemps que je n'avais pas fait un gros voyage, ça me manquait!
Je suis en train d'organiser le voyage maintenant, il ya trop de choses à voir!!! Comment je vais faire pour faire un choix et concocter un itinéraire ??!
J'aime organiser des voyages presque autant que voyager...
Après quelques recherches sur Pinterest, voici mes coups de cœur, jusqu'à présent au moins... ;)
Dim sum...it seems that Chinese food is really yummy and not at all similar to the Chinese food we used to here in Paris..
The Great Wall
Huangshan - I really wanna go there, to the mountains not exactly to this little path...
Hello Kitty restaurant - Beijing
Huangshan - again ;)
Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan
Lantau, HK
Pink lanterns
Leshan Giant Buddha
Longsheng terraced rice fields
Longsheng terraced rice fields
Little mountain village in Longshen
Zhangjiajie National Park (Avatar mountains really exist!!)
Symphony of lights, HK
Tai Long Wan, HK
HK market
The Venitian casino, Macau
Li river
Pink dolphin, HK
Rainbow mountains, Zhangye Danxia
Pagoda & flowers
All pictures are from Pinterest.

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