Did you ever wonder what is like to be an actress? No, not a Hollywood movie star, just one of the remaining 90% of the players... Here, you're gonna find the answer! Welcome to my life, Umberta, actress not (yet) a star!


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Notre dernier film : // Our last movie : "Proverbe étoilé"

Et voilà notre dernier court-métrage terminé!!
J'attends vos commentaires!
And here our last short-film!!
I wait for your feedback!

Proverbe étoilé par Ervy-Annette
Il nous reste plus qu'à attendre les résultats du concours (et ça c'est la chose plus difficile d’être patient!!)... La réponse dans 2 semaines!!
And now we just have to wait to know the results of the competition (and to be patient is the most difficult thing!!)... The answer in 2 weeks!!

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