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Weird casting calls

Hollywood sign

Film industry is a strange business, really. There are wonderful people in there, but also the weirdest one I ever met.

Some are serious some have strange ideas & crazy projects.

Just sitting at my desk, checking casting calls on the web, I come across the strangest requests.

Here some of the most weirdest casting calls I found lately ;)

  • Actresses accepting to shoot naked. They will pretend to sleep & let someone move their arms, legs & heads in different positions, without waking up. 
weird casting call
  • An actress accepting to be deformed by plastic surgery operations (fake boobs, etc...). Honestly???!!
weird casting call

  • Extras who would accept to bathe in the Seine. Not in a clear, fresh mountains river... in the Seine! To be clear, the river running through Paris, a quite polluted place. Ah yes, and without being paid of course. Well, not that by being paid, I would accept to happily splash in the Seine.
weird casting call

  • An actress to play a girl who accepts to sexually obey to a stranger. Of course, du to the movie's subject, there will be explicitly pornographic scenes.
weird casting call

  • And, same kind than above, actresses willing to try some extreme situations shooting, e.g. naked scenes, sexual acts simulation...
weird casting call

Well, all that doesn't make one want to be an actress, does it? 

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