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A night out in Prague

As you know, due to the noise, we were obliged to switch to another hotel while in Prague.

Not a big issue, the manager kindly found a new place for us, the only problem being that with this change & the new hotel being a bit less centrally located, we were quite late for dinner ;p

We had a list of local restaurants given to Elena by one of her colleagues, but checking them on internet, we realized that most of them were closing at around 10pm... 

We searched a place on Tripadvisor then and a bit disappointed - it's always better to follow suggestion by locals - chose this place called Kotleta& I must say it was a really good pick! :)

kotleta namesti republiky, restaurant, prague

Food was really good & they have many local specialities, waiters were really kind, the place is simple & nice & it's open late! 

We shared a goulash soup for entré which was really delicious! Ok, I must say it was the first time in my life I had goulash so I cannot really compare, but Elena said it was one of the best she's ever had! 

homemade goulash soup

We then had one of the dishes of the day, salmon with asparagus. They had an asparagus-based special menu, as it was asparagus season, even one of the dessert was made with asparagus!

kotleta namesti republiky, restaurant, prague

& a more classical chicken schnitzel. 

kotleta namesti republiky, restaurant, prague

All washed out by beer - obviously ;)

After dinner, we stroll the Old Town to head to Karlovy Lazne, apparently the biggest club in Europe!

I was expecting a place too crowded with ugly people, with no space to dance & smelling sweat... 
& when we arrived at the club and I saw people queuing in front of the door, my expectations didn't get any better...
But I was happily wrong! ;)

First thing the queue moves really fast & while waiting, you can enjoy a nice view over the river & the castle at night.

Once inside, yep there are a lot of people, but the place is so big that it's actually not a problem :)

There are 5 floors, each with a different ambiance: radio hits on the first floor, dance music on the second one, old songs on the 3rd floor, RnB on the 4th one & lounge on the last one.

karlovy lazne, music club, prague

We obviously danced on each floor 

karlovy lazne, music club, prague

before stopping at the old songs one, spending all night dancing on Michael Jackson, Grease, Take That (!!!), Britney Spears, songs from the '80... #superfun!

& drinking some more beer... #wheninPrague ;)

karlovy lazne, music club, prague

& chatting with people that kept on asking what I was studying at university. Imagine their faces if I had answered "Hmm, actually I finished college like 10 years ago", which I obviously didn't say! Ahah! (Omg - 10 years!!!!!!:s)

Anyway, we ended up happily dancing until sunrise, which made the hotel change totally useless, as we came back after the club's closing... but honestly who would have thought the the biggest club in Europe was that fun? ;)

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