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Best breakfast in Prague: Café Savoy

Café Savoy Prague

We had high hopes for our last morning in Prague. 

When we failed to visit the Jewish neighborhood on Saturday, we had planned to go back on Sunday morning. 

This was before going out to dance the night before & wake up later than planned & completely out of phase.

Oblivious of all the cultural visits, the only thing that could make us to go out was the idea of a huge, fat brunch. 
Possibly in a beautiful place.

Which we found in Café Savoy, probably one of the best places for breakfast & brunch :)

Café Savoy Prague

The place itself is wonderful, it's like being back in the 19th century. All in wood, the interior is dominated by a magnificent Neo-Renaissance ceiling dating back to 1893. 

Café Savoy, Prague, listed Neo-Renaissance ceiling dating back to 1893

Waiters wear black & white suits & there's a very nice clientele.

Café Savoy Prague

Café Savoy Prague

There are several brunch menus or you can compose your breakfast yourself, choosing from a varied selection of mouth-watering pastries, different styles eggs & hot beverages.

We went for the French breakfast & I also planned to have an additional dessert after the breakfast, as pastries were too good looking & I was very hungry - obviously, I couldn't.

I could not even finish my breakfast. But honestly it was so huge. Look  for yourself!

First you have the best latte I ever had, orange juice & a croissant.

Best breakfast in Prague, Café Savoy

It even deserves a close-up!

Ultimate latte, Café Savoy, Prague

Followed by a salty plate with eggs, sausages, cheese, meat, french fries & a selection of breads.

Best brunch in Prague, Café Savoy

And French toast. The only thing is that they serve the French toast at the same time than the rest, so by the time you finished your first dish, the French toast is cold...

Ultimate brunch in Prague at Café Savoy

We spent the morning there relaxing, eating & chatting until it was time to leave to go back home.

I highly recommend a visit to Cafe Savoy while in Prague, it really is a beautiful place.

But as all beautiful places, is often full. I suggest to book in advance (which we didn't, but we've been very lucky to have a table. Most of the people who arrived after us couldn't have one).

We walked along the river to go back to the hotel to take our luggages & go to the airport, enjoying some last views of this beautiful city. 

Prague river bank

Thanks Prague for the beautiful time for our first, but not last, cousins week-end! :)

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