Did you ever wonder what is like to be an actress? No, not a Hollywood movie star, just one of the remaining 90% of the players... Here, you're gonna find the answer! Welcome to my life, Umberta, actress not (yet) a star!


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Saine et sauve! ;) // Safe and sound! ;)

Pour info, je n'ai pas été agressée à Sevran..! ;) 
Et en plus j'ai fait que du blahblahblah au micro, ce qui est beaucoup mieux que de faire faire des dégustations, au moins je ne dois pas toucher au foie gras, qui me dégoûte...
Et là je viens de terminer de me filmer pour une audition on line. Pour se filmer toute seule (quand on n'a pas un pied de caméra) il faut avoir beaucoup d'imagination:
For the record, I've not been attacked in Sevran..! ;)
And I only had to do some blahblahblah on the microphone, which is much better than make people tasting foie gras, at least I don't have to touch it, as I think it's disgusting...
And now I just finished to film myself for an on line audition. To film yourself (when you don't have a tripod) you need at least a lot of imagination:

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