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To sleep or not to sleep on silk pillowcase

beauty benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase
It’s been some time now that I’ve been hearing about the beauty & anti-ageing benefits of silk pillowcases.

I was curious to try, but the high price of silk pillowcases combined with my being skeptical about the real results I could expect, always stopped me.

From time to time I kept searching Google though to check new companies selling silk pillowcases & feedbacks.

Eventually, a couple of weeks ago, I ordered 2 silk pillowcases from Lilysilk
I chose this company as they had good feedbacks, an interesting & complete FAQ & seemed reliable.
(It’s not the cheaper seller you can find, but I was not looking for the lowest price, I was looking for the lowest price combined with good quality silk & Lilysilk seemed a good choice).

First good surprise, delivery was really fast & the pillowcase arrived in a cute box.

beauty benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase

When I opened it, I was amazed by the softness of the fabric & the exquisiteness of the shade of pink (I obviously ordered pink pillowcases!). Honestly, I was not expecting such beautiful items.

Lilysilk silk pillowcase

Finally the night came & we could get to bed & rest our heads on our beautiful pillowcases.

No need to say, hubby didn’t acknowledge a word of my babbling about the beauty & anti-ageing benefits of silk.
But as soon as he put his head on the pillow, he was conquered by the delicate fabric & decided he won’t sleep on cotton pillowcase anymore.
Actually he now would like to sleep on silk sheets too, but given the price we’ll wait until Christmas! ;)

It’s true that I too can feel a huge difference between my head resting on silk & my body laying on cotton. Cotton now feels so harsh against my skin…

And now the truth about the beauty & anti-ageing promises:
  • Silk is a hypoallergenic fabric, very gentle against skin : I don’t know about allergies, but it’s definitely true that silk is a really soft fabric & very pleasant on the skin.
  • You won’t wake up in the morning with pillow marks on your face thus preventing wrinkles : Indeed I have no pillow marks on my face when I wake up so I guess this is actually good for the skin thus helping to delay the appearance of wrinkles.
  • The fabric being less aggressive on the hair, they break less => I don’t have any hair problem, but every day I was used to find lots of hubby’s hair on the pillow (sorry love for saying this out loud ;p) but since we’re sleeping on silk pillowcase there are no more hair. Not-a-single-one!! Meaning that silk really is gentle on the head and hubby’s not losing hair while sleeping anymore!!
  • Silk doesn’t absorb creams, leaving your night cream on your face thus allowing your skin to benefit from all the ingredients all night long : To test this last point, I touched my face in the morning before changing pillowcase and I touched my face after & I must say that my skin feels “moister” & better hydrated since I’m sleeping on silk pillowcase, so I feel confident to say that even this last point is a true beauty benefit! :)
I'm definitely conquered by sleeping on silk pillowcase & ordering more pillowcases in additional colors! The softness of the fabric on the skin would be enough, but in addition to that it's also a beauty remedy! :)

sleeping dog

The only negative point is the the fabric being so delicate, I'm hand-washing the pillowcases as I'm afraid of putting them in the machine, even though there's a silk program...

What about you? Have you already slept on silk pillowcase? What do you think?

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