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Sunset & love in Positano

Positano, panorama, Amalfi Coast

This summer the weather is being super weird... Not only in Paris, where the summer weather eventually arrived only 2 weeks ago, but in Italy as well. Even though in Italy the weather was still hot, there have been many rainy & stormy days.

I go to Positano every year since my childhood & I can't recall another summer with an equal bad weather like this one (I'm so glad we got married last summer!!)... While rain & cold can be quite annoying when you wanna go out & enjoy the sea (luckily we also had sunny days to be fair) the cloudy weather resulted in some of the most beautiful sunsets I saw in the area.

Positano, sunset over Li Galli islands

The stormy clouds, the pink sky & the blue sea are a great combo! :)

Sunset in Positano, Amalfi Coast

Positano sunset

Another incredible thing that happened this summer is that one night hubby & I were ready to go out for dinner in advance & for once we could take a couple of pictures of us all dressed-up in front of one of those sunsets (honestly, I don't know you, but we never have pics of us when we're nice dressed etc as we're always late ;p). So I particularly enjoy the following photos <3 <3

Positano love

Positano couple

Positano lovers

<3 <3


  1. Ah such lovely photo's I love sunset photos and always make it an aim to capture one or two when we travel

    1. Thanks! :) Me too I always love to take sunset & sunrise pics as well! :)




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