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Cours Florent - Concours Classe Libre

^ Here when my living room becomes a rehearsal room... ;)

I've been practiced for the Classe Libre audition at Cours Florent. I'll have my first audition in a couple of hours *fingers crossed* !

Cours Florent is a very well known acting school in Paris. They have a special program called "Classe Libre", that is a 2 years program, completely free for the 20 (over the around 2.000 applicants) lucky actors who will be admitted.

Many working French actors came out from the Classe Libre (and attention: they came out from the Classe Libre and NOT from the Cours Florent normal classes).

Anyway, I'm not really stressed. As I'm quite close to the limit age to be admitted, I don't really think I have a real chance to get in. As a result, I'm going to the audition really relaxed, that eventually is the best thing. I'm gonna do my stuff, have fun and then we'll see what happens next! ;)

Ok I'm gonna take a shower, get dressed and I'm gonna go! :D

Have a good day everyone! :)

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