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5 different ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I'm not really into the whole commercial thing, but I think it's nice to take the occasion to do something special and to celebrate with your loved one(s) - with your Valentine of course, but, if you don't have one, also with your friends or family.

If you, like me, don't feel like ending up in a crowded restaurant where you won't even able to choose your own food, because especially for the night, they will have an overpriced set menu... Here's some ideas to celebrate this special day in a different way :)
  • Seafood platter. Hubby and I don't always like to go out to celebrate special occasions. Sometimes we just like to celebrate at home. Obviously not like if it was any other night. We nicely decorate the living room, creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere with candles, we dress up and we choose a special food. One of our favorite thing is a seafood platter. We love seafood, still it's not something we eat everyday, it's more a special occasion food... We usually order the seafood platter from The Brasserie Flo in Paris. Their seafood platter is huge, very well presented even when it's for take away and there's everything you may want - lobsters, oysters, prawns, clams, crabs, shellfish... Add some white wine and you're sure to have a wonderful soirée!
  • And by the way, seafood is also supposed to be aphrodisiac... ;)

  • A fingers food dinner. I find it particularly cute and cheery to have a table full of different, yummy little food to taste and share. You can  mix things you love and things you never tasted before, salty and sweety... You can take different things from specialized grocery stores like Italian, Greek, Asian ones... Or you can do as I do (lazy me) and go to Picard, a French store specialized in frozen food, where you can find, well, almost everything from all over the world. Some bubbles to drink and everything's gonna be perfect.

  •  Explore a new place together. What is better then discover a new place with your loved one? As this year Valentine's day is a Sunday, why don't go somewhere nearby and explore that little town you've never been before or spend the day in the countryside, maybe having a picnic lunch in the nature, walking around and at the end of the day watching the sunset? 

  • Try a new activity together. To spend time together is obviously a very important thing, but what I find equally important is to actually do something together. Why don't to try a new activity on Valentine's day? It can be a dance class or a cooking one. A photography course or a golf introduction... Maybe it'll then become your next hobby to share... Or maybe you won't really like it, but you'll have funny memories that will last long ;)

  • Check if there's something special and different organized near you. In Paris this year there's a special run called "Love Run", where you're supposed to run bound by a bracelet to your loved one... And this is where we'll be on Valentine's day :) Apparently there will be music, gifts and a giant brunch as well. I think it'll be fun. Apart from the fact that I never run a race in my entire life... And ok it's only 8 km that apparently is not that much... But I usually go to the gym, run around 4 km and 30 minutes and then stop because I'm tired lol! Well, anyway we'll see, i think it's a nice challenge to take up together and we should have a nice day! :)

What are your plans for Valentine's Day ?

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