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Paris mon amour

Paris has this special effect on me: whenever I'm sad, I take a walk in the city center and everything is so beautiful that calms me down.
It helps me to put into perspective problems...
That's exactly what happened the other morning. I was sad and tired as I discussed a lot with my father the day before - honestly I'm a grown up now, when it's going to finish this thing of arguing like when I was a teenager? - anyway I was really feeling blue... And I was going to the office. But really taking the subway and being in the crowd was too much for me, so instead I took a stroll through the Tuileries garden, and it was so peaceful and calm and beautiful, even though it's autumn so trees are naked, sky is white and the place was empty... And after 5 minutes that I was walking, I immediately felt better :)
Does Paris have the same effect on you? Or any other city? Or is just walking perhaps?

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