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I'm back!

I'm back!!! 
This trip in China was much more beautiful then I was expecting! Seriously, the country is awesome with some of the most wonderful natural landscapes I ever seen! And the people are just too nice, so warm and welcoming and helpful - even if we couldn't communicate properly -... we're not used to that in Europe. And they seem to have a very good sense of the family. We often saw young dads taking care of babies and families taking out old people... It was very touching.
I have so many pics and stories to share!!
But it's gonna take some time, to go through them and prepare the posts...
Also because I have something new to take care of since I'm back : our wedding!!! Yessss, Mick proposed while we were in China!!! It was so beautiful!!! And I'm too happy, I feel like I'm 10 meters over the floor and I seem not to be able to come down back on earth! ;) 
Never mind, I don't mind being flying ;)
I also have a new play to prepare, if I ever arrive to focus...
Anyway, now that I'm back I'll have the time to update you about everything! And btw sorry for not updating anything while in China, but I didn't consider that everything was blocked: Instagram, facebook... even blogger!
Here some iPhone pictures from our trip, teh rets will come soon!
Happy to be back ! xxx
Beijing - Forbidden city
Beijing - The Great Wall
Beijing - Temple of Heaven - my favorite place in the city!!
Beijing - people do so many activities in the Temple of Heaven park
Huangshan - such a wonderful place!!
Huangshan - hot springs
Shanghai - skyline
Tiantouzhai - rice fields 
Yangshuo - countryside
Yangshuo - lunch with a view ;)
Hong Kong
Hong Kong - Lantau Island 
Hong Kong - Sai Kung
Hong Kong - a drink with a view 
Hong Kong - us <3
Hong Kong - Simphony of lights 

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