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Tonight is the night

So here we are: the debut of new play "Happy birthgay papa!" is tonight!!! :) I'm so excited! 
I can't wait to be on stage and play and to know how the audience is going to react! That's the freaking think when performing a brand new play, you absolutely have no idea what the public is going to think.
My boyfriend and dad are gonna be there, I hope they're gonna love it. As well as all the other people!
How do I feel? Pretty ok actually and not really stressed for the time being. I don't actually realize we're going to play tonight. Maybe it's because, despite all the hours spent rehearsing, we didn't perform not even once the play from the beginning to the end without stopping in the middle nor once with the real lights, sounds and props... So that our first run-through will be tonight directly in front of the audience...!!!! Pretty crazy, I know…but anyway as an actor one has to learn to work with different directors and methods...I'm just gonna pretend I'm a member of la Comédie Française and tonight is the performance before the real first performance, the one they play in real conditions for family & friends. Except we won't have family & friends but a real audience! ;) 
I'll have bf & dad and then friends in the following weeks, but the other actors didn't invite people at the first shows.
Anyway, this morning we had a last rehearsal (!!) and now I just had a quick lunch with my love and I'm gonna take a dance class, I really need to relax and empty my mind before tonight, I spent so much time in theatre lately... And then I'm gonna go home and rest a bit before going back to the theatre... Yeahhhhhh!!!!!!

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