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Second (& last) audition for the Classe Libre at Cours Florent

Cours Florent, acting school paris

Second round of the audition for the Classe Libre at Cours Florent is done!

I think it went pretty well, anyway no matter the result, I'm happy this is over. I'm satisfied of what I've done & since I had the first round in February, it's already been way too long to wait for the second one in May.

Now I can tell you what I chose to prepare. I wanted something original for the jury not to be annoyed by always seeing the same scenes...

I had to prepare a dialogued scene from the universal theatrical repertoire from the 16th to the 19th century.
I must admit that I'm not very cultivated when it comes to classical theatre, but I found the universal theatrical repertoire on Google books and browsing it, I found several pieces of Favart, a French author from the 16th century, I liked a lot. I chose an extrait from "Les amours de Bastien & Bastienne" a comical opera. It's a very naive and cute love story between two shepherds and there's a curious "magician" who helps their love to triumph.
My friend Joce played the magician and I obviously played the little shepherdess Bastienne.

Cours Florent, audition Classe Libre

Then I had to prepare a monologue from the XXI century and I with no doubt chose the very funny monologue from "Pour quelque centimètres de neige", a play I was performing in a couple of years ago.

"Pour quelques centimètres de neige" comic play starring Umberta Gentile

Finally as I'm not French I had to prepare also a scene in my mother tongue. At the beginning I prepared a scene from an old movie "Agnes of God" translated in Italian. It was a monologue of an insane nun recalling her vision of Virgin Mary.
But two days before the audition I was feeling completely empty & tired of this monologue. So at the end I performed a monologue in Neapolitan from Eduardo de Filippo's play "Filumena Marturano".
(Note that Filumena is an middle age woman and if you want to perform one of her monologues, the only one adapted to a young woman is the "Madonne delle Rose" one. In this monologue she recalls why she decided to keep her first baby. In the play, when she tells this episode she is still middle age, but at the time when it happened she was a young woman, so it's easy to adapt).
It's a hard monologue, but I really felt it and I was very happy in performing it.

All in all I'm very happy with my audition.

Like the first round, there was not too much to wait (maybe 15 minutes), we were in the same room for the audition and as props in the audition room there's a desk & some chairs. Instead of one member, there were 3 people in the jury this time.

Cours Florent, audition Classe Libre

I was just shocked by the coldness of the jury. Especially a woman who asked me a lot of questions, one after the other, but really like if she didn't care. I was so oppressed by all those questions I forgot for a moment the name of the author of "Pour quelques centimètres de neige".

There were 3 people in the jury and they were more attentive to me than during the first round. Although in the first round jury was nicer and less speed.

Everything is really quick indeed, there is no time between a scene and another and one really feels the fact that the jury is in a hurry and one must change very quickly and waste no time in between the scenes.

Also they cut the dialogue scene before the end although it lasted less then the 3 maximum minutes required.
So I really speeded up then with the monologues as I didn't want the jury to stop me before the end, but it was a bit of a pity...

It's nice when the jury makes a candidate feel comfortable but it's not necessary... But here it was the opposite and that is unnecessary too.
Even Joce who does stand-up comedy and is used to competition was puzzled...

Also he told me one of the men in the jury was looking at me with what seemed great interest, so this should be a good point.

Anyway, let's wait and see what's next ;)

Cours Florent, audition Classe Libre

PS. End of suspense: I already received an email telling me I'm not admitted to the 3rd and final round. 
I'm a bit disappointed... I really would like to know why or what the other candidates did... As I really think I did something good.
When I auditioned for the same thing some of years ago, I know that I wasn't well prepared, the texts weren't adapted to me and I was not that experienced...
But as of today I really would like to know...
Anyway, I'm not very happy now, but I'm sure better things will come...

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