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Brunch @ Café Lomi

Café Lomi Paris

I have a whole list of new brunch places I'd like to try in Paris.

To be honest, I have an Excel sheet where I mark all the places I read or heard about and would like to try for brunch, dinner, drinks or places to visit for a day, a week-end ... I know it sounds like a control-freak thing, but otherwise I cannot remember all those places and when we go out we're like "Where do we go?" "Er, I don't know... let me think..." and eventually we always end up at the same old place.

Anyway, Sunday hubby and I had quite a few errands to run and we thought to squeeze in a little brunch would be a good idea!
I mean, brunch is always a good idea, right? :)

Brunch Café Lomi Paris

I first heard of Café Lomi as a place to drink very good coffee as they roast their own coffees. But actually you can also eat lunch or brunch.

Cafe Lomi is in the 18th arrondissement in Paris, not in the nicer side of the 18th, to be honest, nevertheless it's worth a visit!

An industrial style loft with huge windows overlooking colorful graffiti... You could think you're in New York ;)

Café Lomi Paris

Café Lomi Paris

On Sunday the place is quite full and bustling, but on weekdays you can go there with your laptop, enjoy some coffee and scones and quietly work, like at Starbucks only with better quality products.

Café Lomi Paris

Café Lomi Paris coffee shop

I couldn't find any information about the menu though, so I didn't know what to expect... Well, let me tell you everything was better than expected and surprisingly quite cheap!

Café Lomi menu

Café Lomi menu

We started with latte for me and homemade lemonade for hubby & avocado toasts - of course!

Café Lomi brunch

Café Lomi brunch

Café Lomi avocado toasts

Fashion note : I wrote a post about the M sweater I'm wearing when I first bought it, where you may find useful information about Chicy online shop.

Back to the brunch: Avocado toasts were followed - for my greatest happiness - by scones and coffee! 

We tasted their brand coffee, the Goutte d'Or, a blend of Brazilian and Salvador coffee beans. It was very tasty and... very strong! ;)

Café Lomi scones and coffee

Café Lomi scones

Café Lomi scones

Just looking at this last picture... I'm about to grab my laptop and make a beeline for scones! ;)

Fresh and refreshed we were ready to finish our Sunday errands, which included to buy skiing socks as on Thursday we're heading to Megève with friends for skiing!! :D

Anyway, I really recommend you a brunch at Café Lomi. 
Did you already go there?
Otherwise, if you're going, let me know what do you think ;)

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