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Rococo night

The only thing that I miss when traveling or working too much is some good time with my best friends! 

You know when you just spend time chilling, chatting, gossiping, drinking wine and laughing...

That's exactly what we did, Paolina and I the other night :)

In a freezing Paris, we went out for drinks and dinner. We wanted a cozy and warm place, preferably serving tapas and not to far... We really weren't hoping to find all that in one only single place, but we actually did ! 

We walked by this new bar, Rococo, which opened recently and seemed really nice : warm and welcoming atmosphere, lovely decoration, nice people, but not too crowded... 

We gave a look at the menu and when we saw they were serving tapas, we obviously decided to give it a try, and it turned out to be a very good decision ! In addition to all that, the food was amazing and service really nice !

^ Scallops, rice arancini, camembert fondue and a mixed meats and cheeses platter.

Everything was super yummy... 


But the camembert fondue definitely won the first prize !

We had such the nicest time ! :D

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