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Magic Sunday

I'm a huge Harry Potter's fan! I'm also secretly convinced that I'm a witch, it's just that Hogwarts did not still send me my acceptance letter, it must be because I relocated so many times and they're having a hard time to find me (which is frankly quite annoying for wizards)... But I'm sure it must not be long now!

So when I saw there was a big Harry Potter exhibition in Paris I knew I had to pay it a visit!

Last grey and rainy Sunday seemed to be the perfect day! So I took my hubby-who-never-read-or-watched-a-single-episode-of-the-saga and we headed to la Cité du Cinema (the city of cinema) in Saint Denis, just outside Paris.

When you enter the first room, you're welcomed to Hogwarts and the sorting hat tells you to which house you belong to. Ok, to be honest there are too many people so just a couple of them can test the hat. I may have lifted my hand to volunteer, but they chose 3 children... But I'm not easy to discourage, so when the entire crowd was heading to the second room, I manage to wear the sorting hat and he confirmed I'm a Gryffondor. 

Then you'll find the Hogwarts Express, but you can't go in.

And after that you have several rooms with lots of objects from the movies and a lot of clothes too.

Actually, I was a bit disappointed as I thought everything would have been more interactive, whereas you get to see a lot of props, that is funny, and  a lot of costumes, that is less funny as let's be honest they're not like Princess Sissi amazing dresses they're more like H&M basic trousers and t-shirts... 

And there is nothing to visit or to try... Or some explication about the shooting...

Even the great hall, it's just the bigger room of the exhibition, but it's not decorated like the real one.

The Hagrid house was funny to see though and all in all I was happy to visit the exhibition and had a nice time.

But I'm not sure whether I suggest you to go. Also I think it's quite expensive for what it is, I had a discount on the tickets, but probably if I've had to pay the full price I wouldn't be that happy.

Have you been there? What did you think?

Anyway, if you wanna have a virtual tour of the Harry Potter exhibition here some more snaps for you!

Let's start with the Gryffondor tower, shall we? Do you have the password for the Fat Lady to let you in?

Now that we settled in, we can join the others in the great hall...

Where lots of colorful candies are waiting for us :) 

Before going to Hagrid's to say hello to our big friend!

And to rest a bit on his big chair ;)

But be careful while going to Hagrid's: the forest is populated by weird or dangerous creatures...

Even though not all the weirdos are dangerous ;)

Let's not forget that we still have to go to classes too, after it's a school here...

And we need to learn as much enchantments as possible to fight the dark forces...

...To eventually find the seven horcruxs!

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