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8 things that made me happy this week

- To find a good (and not overmuch expensive) photographer for our wedding :)

- To spend the whole Sunday at the Church for our premarital course with other couples and discover that it was really, really, really interesting and all the people were super nice! Plus our Church has a beautiful garden and the day was super sunny so we could did part of the course outside :)

- My boyfriend who's now impatient to spend the second (and last) Sunday at the Church for the premarital course!

- To have lunch outside in the sun with my girlfriends without wearing a coat!

- The sun who begins being warm...

- To take a good dance class, like I was used to take before, and not feeling pain in my knees!!

- A romantic dinner with my love on Friday night, just the 2 of us... He's working a lot lately so I have the impression of not seeing him for days sometime even though we live together...

- To meet with some girls from the premarital course for some coffee and brides to be small talk ;) 

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